Body Ready Method

Comprehensive Training For Prenatal and Birth Professionals

Body Ready Method Body Ready Method

Comprehensive Training For Prenatal and Birth Professionals

Support your clients during
pregnancy to optimize birth

  • Increase the chances of your client having their desired birth experience.
  • Decrease the pushing time during labor.
  • Move during pregnancy to optimize fetal positioning.
  • Apply hands-on moves to help labor progress before medical interventional are tried.

Accomplish this and more with BRM certification!

With Body Ready Method training
you'll have the tools to:

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Expand your practice and allow your confidence to soar with BRM Certification.

Accessible knowledge and straightforward tools for pregnancy and birth. Know “what to do when” instead of worrying if you’re doing enough.

  • If they want to stack the cards in their favor for an unmedicated vaginal birth... they might need pelvic floor yield and good core support.
  • If they’re struggling with back pain or pelvic pressure...they might need to stop bearing down (and ensure their hips are well-aligned).
  • If progress is delayed at birth, they want someone they can look to with confidence to suggest what positions to try to create the most space to birth the baby.
  • If they’re concerned about a diastasis recti (abdominal separation)...they might need to be assessed for intra-abdominal pressure and given a set of targeted exercises.
Body Ready Method
Body Ready Method
"Birth professionals have a whole awakening for them by entering to this program."

With BRM certification, you don’t need to:

  • Spend thousands of dollars on dozens of courses and certifications (we’ve distilled the most essential & powerful tools from years of training, education, and experience).
  • Worry that you aren’t asking the right questions (or getting accurate answers) to support your clients in creating their optimal pregnancy & birth experience.
  • Second-guess what you’re suggesting to your clients during their pregnancy and birth or worry that you aren’t doing enough.

Our Happy Partners Say...

Lindsay is offering a tremendous program from pregnancy and health. She's fun, informed, and on the leading edge of innovation in her movement and exercise program.

BRM offers a paradigm shift that moves beyond “stretching” or “opening the hips”. It looks at the birthing body as a whole system that needs to function well. Everything in BRM is backed by research and real-life client experiences—it’s solid info, even for people who have plentiful experience working with perinatal clients.

Our patients love One Strong Mama, which is based on the Body Ready Method. This approach helps decrease restrictions throughout soft tissues and muscles and have more balance during pregnancy, which makes our chiropractic work last longer and help our clients more!