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Welcome to
the revolution in
pregnancy, birth
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Welcome to the revolution
in pregnancy, birth
& postpartum

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“This is information that every pregnant body should be given! it can quite literally be life changing.”
– Clara Ingersoll
Clara Ingersoll BRM
“I truly had a very comfortable and pain free pregnancy, and I have BRM® to thank for that. The birth was also faster, with no stalling or any other issues. I recovered quickly postpartum, and my diastasis recti that I have had since my first pregnancy is notably smaller.” 

– Katie Lind
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“BRM® is the best training I have ever taken… truly! Other trainings left me feeling like I didn’t understand the why or physiology behind the recommendations and tools. BRM® finally brought it all together and connected all the pieces of wisdom. I learned life-long skills and tools to share with clients that still allowed me to stay within my scope of practice. This training needs to be a part of every doula training.”
– Cathy Gomez

Birth Doula, Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parent teacher

California, United States

Cathy Gomez Body Ready Method Review BRM

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Body Ready Prenatal is for staying active and pain free during pregnancy and preparing your body for your best possible pregnancy, birth and recovery. 

Body Ready Birth is for intentionally training your pelvis and body for your best possible birth. We teach you specific movements that create optimal space during birth for a safer and more efficient experience. It educates you and your partner about birth positions, how to know when to do what, and how to make the process easier.

Body Ready Postpartum supports your recovery from day 1 after birth for your first 6 months postpartum. We have gentle movement practices that you can start the day after birth which progress in intensity as you move ahead in your postpartum recovery. This helps the core, pelvic floor and whole body recover from pregnancy and birth.

Get all 3 to be supported for your whole journey, from conception to postpartum healing.

The program is an easy to follow, intuitive, online program. That means all the content is available online, there are no DVDs or lengthy page manuals to review.

Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Sign up to the program
  • Update your guess date
  • Login every day
  • Train with the exercise videos
  • Watch other materials automatically curated for you
  • Smart pelvic floor training
  • Alignment guides 
  • Pregnancy exercise videos
  • Lifestyle ideas
  • Core preparation
  • Light, Moderate and Plus difficulty levels to choose from
  • Program activity tracker
  • Support Center
  • Lifetime Access
  • 14 Targeted Birth Training Videos 
  • Movement Videos for Each Level of the Pelvis
  • Printable Handouts 
  • Support Center
  • Lifetime Access
  • Core recovery
  • Postpartum exercise videos
  • Immediate postnatal recovery protocol
  • Immediate recovery guide
  • Cesarean recovery guide
  • Support center
  • Lifetime access

It is never too early in your pregnancy to begin! But we also have great content for the third trimester. You’ll be amazed at the changes and strength that can occur with several weeks of focused work near the end of pregnancy. If you are near the end of pregnancy, especially when you are considered ‘full-term’ and do not feel you have the time to focus on the program, we recommend considering the postpartum program. You can buy it at any time and when your baby arrives you can update the system with their arrival date to get the content curated for you!

It is never too early in your pregnancy to begin! But we find that most people like to focus on this type of preparation towards the end of pregnancy. The Body Ready Birth program is designed to teach your body and mind all the movements and positions that can help you have an easier, safer, and more efficient childbirth. This goes way beyond your typical birth positions and we help you to know what to do, when, during birth to make this journey as efficient as possible! Yes please! When you practice and have awareness of these positions in pregnancy, not only do you make more space, you also create the awareness in your brain, so that you can automatically recall what you need at the moment of birth, even when you’re in “labor land.”

The Body Ready Postpartum program is unique because it offers you something for each stage of postpartum. In addition to encouraging rest, discussing belly binding and other healing topics, the immediate recovery protocol can be started right away and includes nourishing moves that will help you begin to gently reconnect with your core and pelvic floor and kickstart recovery prior to the “6 week” medical clearance. When you have medical clearance to exercise, you can begin our postpartum exercise videos. And finally at 10 weeks postpartum or when you are ready for something a little stronger, you can use the postpartum fit class as a bridge to your pre-pregnancy workouts.

You will gain confidence, knowledge, and strength for this amazing journey into parenthood. We designed this program to give you the tools to thrive in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The exercise classes offer you the strength to carry while the educational component covers a spectrum of topics pertinent to your growing and changing body. We do not think that we should ‘just deal’ with pregnancy pain, leaking when sneezing, core dysfunction, etc. We also know that there are specific things we can do to prepare ourselves for an easier birth and recovery. We want you to enter into parenthood,whether it’s baby 1 or 8, with confidence and the ability to carry your baby without pain!

You SHOULD be resting after you give birth! Our postpartum program is very much in line with the concept of rest and recovery and we strongly advise not doing too much too soon. What we have found after over a decade of work with prenatal and postnatal parents, the first 6 weeks after giving birth can be intense. Not only caring for baby, but feeling disconnected from the body and possibly navigating pain. The transition to life with a newborn is still going to be intense, but with guidance on what moves to do in those first 6 weeks. We’ve found our clients feel much better in their bodies AND have improved recoveries when they have something to help them feel good in their bodies in the early days.

The Body Ready Birth program includes only the videos and PDFs related to birth prep itself. Think birth positions and the ability to practice and prepare the body to be able to find these positions intuitively during birth. We help prepare all 3 levels of the pelvis to be mobile while teaching you what to do during birth to make it as smooth as possible.It does not include any pregnancy workouts and content. The Body Ready Prenatal Program includes only the videos and PDFs related to pregnancy (that will prepare the body for birth, but does not teach birth positions and what to do during the birthing process). It does not contain specific, targeted birth prep or postpartum recovery content. The Body Ready Postpartum program includes only the postpartum content. Remember – the content and any updates and additions we make to the program are yours forever.

No matter how you purchase our programs, whether via monthly installments or paying in full, you get lifetime access! Our users love this and we really want you to get as much out of our programs as you can! Many users have used the programs through multiple pregnancies- at no extra cost!

Your body is growing and changing and will continue to do so, in large and small ways, throughout your pregnancy. Physically, a lot of change occurs. Your belly is expanding, of course. But there is so much more happening. For example, you are also gaining something in the ballpark of 50% more blood! There is also a lot going on hormonally and emotionally. Having a specific prenatal/postnatal program created by professionals who really understand the pregnant body is not only extremely helpful, but it also takes all the guesswork out of the equation. We believe in training for the task at hand. In this case, the task is pregnancy, birth and recovery. If you were training for a marathon, you’d select a program specific for marathon training. This is no different. The Body Ready programs are designed, for you, right now, where you are at in your journey. And unlike most prenatal exercise, that tends to be just modifications, we train you specifically and intentionally for your birth journey and postnatal recovery.

Many of our users have started in their 3rd trimester and have experienced loads of benefits! You would be amazed at how much your body responds very quickly to consistent effort.

Yes. Absolutely. Lauren and Lindsay are experts in diastasis recti and the program teaches you about core strength and pregnancy as well as breathing, pelvic floor and alignment which are all factors that need to be considered in diastasis recti. There are also multiple PDFs and videos pertaining to diastasis recti during and after pregnancy as well as laser focused postpartum core exercise videos and educational content.  As with anything, please make sure that you have medical clearance to begin an exercise program.

Yes! As with anything, please make sure that you have medical clearance to begin an exercise program. Additionally, you will want to make sure you take it slow and modify, as we will guide you, in both the exercise videos and in the Cheat Sheet PDF. If your pain is great, you will want to reach out to an experienced local professional as well such as a Physical Therapist, Physio, or Bodyworker who specializes in pregnancy. A ton of the exercises we do are designed to prevent or possibly eliminate pain commonly associated with pregnancy. Additionally, we have a lot of videos and PDFs that cover some of the most common pains generally experienced during pregnancy such as back pain, SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and SIJ (SI Joint) pain, so this program may just be the “secret sauce” you need!

The Body Ready Method® is here for you! You SHOULD do this program in order to be able build back your strength for this pregnancy, birth and beyond. You can take the workouts at your pace and we show you how to modify them. The classes are paced with a balance of challenging and restorative exercises so that you are left feeling revitalized, refreshed and empowered. Additionally, we cover multiple topics from nausea and weakness to back pain and hip pain so that you have a ton of tips and resources to support you at every stage.

The main workout videos are roughly 25 minutes long. We also have some shorter (10-15 minute long) morning and evening flows and a birth ball class! But we totally get that time can be limited or interrupted. So it’s ok to do 10 minutes of a workout and come back and do 5 minutes and 5 more minutes at a later date .

This program uses some props that can be bought easily on Amazon. However ALL of them can be substituted for things that you would have at home, like a belt instead of a strap, 2 blankets instead of a bolster, a stack of books instead of a block, etc. Ask us how!

To prepare everybody to be Body Ready, we have 3 difficulty levels in the program; Light, Moderate and Plus. Moderate level is the default. If you start and find most of the exercises challenging, we recommend you to switch to Light. If you want to keep using Moderate, you can learn to modify most of the movements using our Cheatsheet PDF.

Modify, modify, modify! We offer modifications in the videos and on the Cheat Sheet PDF for many of the exercises.

Because of the nature of this program, we do not offer any trials or refunds. With all the goodness inside, we know you won’t need one!

Body Ready programs are designed for the pregnant and/or postpartum person. As such we curate the information as if someone is going through their pregnancy or transitioning into postpartum. We offer a program for birth pros called the Body Ready Method® Pro Training, where we take an in depth look at our methodology and teach you how to use it with clients. If you are interested in purchasing a Body Ready program, we encourage you to buy the program and follow along as if you are going through a pregnancy or transitioning into postpartum. That way, you can see all the content for each stage of pregnancy, starting in the first trimester. You can always access all of the content in the library at any time, as well, but we think you’ll enjoy going through the program as the pregnant person does, too! We also encourage you to inquire about our affiliate program!

Forever! Once you purchase the program you will have access forever. In addition to the amazing prenatal program, once you give birth you have the opportunity to purchase the postpartum program and get everything you need for your postnatal recovery too! And if you go through another pregnancy you can easily update your guess date and start over!

Videos are not downloadable, you can watch them streaming online.

We curate  content based upon where you are at in your journey “command center” of the Body Ready programs. We do this to make it easy and intuitive. However, you have access to all content via the library and are welcome to binge watch everything at your heart’s content!

Just as your whole body works together to move you through your day, our program works together and is designed as a system. Because of this, we do not allow the program to be broken up. All of the content is designed to work together to have the maximum benefit. For example, having a functional core is important for pelvic floor function and back pain. And the exercise videos we cue things that are discussed in some of the other content, such as alignment and core engagement. You miss the full picture with just some of the content. We do, however, allow for the purchase of just the Body Ready Prenatal program or Body Ready Postpartum program.

Our programs go beyond what is typically taught to pregnant/birth pros and we often teach these same principles to professionals. For example, even our pushing positions techniques talk specifically about how each position relates to body alignment, something that we are not commonly taught. Additionally, Body Ready Method® is not a childbirth education program or a ‘virtual doula,’ and we highly encourage families to look into a comprehensive childbirth education program and doula care.

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