Body Ready Method

The “why” behind the Body Ready Method®

Body Ready Method Body Ready Method

The “why” behind the Body Ready Method

Marathon training requires training to task. Everything from resources and experts to methods and training are considered for the end goal: be effective and mitigate injury. Yet during pregnancy, people are given the blanket advice of “do your kegels” or “open your hips” with little guidance about what it means to truly maintain (or gain!) a functional core and pelvic floor or how to truly prepare the body for the rigors of labor and delivery. Many are left with pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti, frustrated that “no one warned them.” This is why Body Ready Method® is an important and much needed paradigm shift . There is so much a pregnant person can do to train for the “task” of pregnancy and birth. BRM® trains the professionals who are ready to change the face of prenatal preparation and birth care and empower pregnant people to be body ready for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We welcome all birth and perinatal professionals

The Body Ready Method® (BRM®) is a paradigm shifting approach to preparing the pregnant body for an optimal birth experience. It was developed in response to birth and perinatal pros telling us how unprepared and unsure they were about how to truly prepare the body for birth and minimize pregnancy related injuries and issues. Optimizing a pregnancy can set a person up for greater satisfaction and success as they enter into parenthood. We are on a mission and would love to have you join us!

  • We believe that every pregnant person should have access to the innovative tools in BRM®.
  • We believe that every pregnant person is entitled to knowing how to be “Body Ready”.
  • We believe that all birth professionals should use the "Body Ready" approach to empower their clients.

BRM® is an online training program that equips birth and perinatal pros with simple answers, functional assessments, and practical tools to help them prepare their pregnant clients for an optimal pregnancy and birth experience. With BRM®, professionals can answer common questions and address common pregnancy symptoms that their pregnant clients are already coming to them with. BRM® certified practitioners are listed on our site to provide pregnant people easy access to professionals trained in the comprehensive, proactive care method of BRM®.

The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) recognizes BRM® as a qualified course towards continuing education credits. Professionals looking to maintain certification with ICEA can earn 13.5 hours of CEUs with BRM®. We are actively seeking CEUs with ACNM and DONA International

Body Ready Method

Created by a Doula

Body Ready Method

Hey, I’m Lindsay and a mother of four! My passion is pregnancy and birth. It must be in my blood because I come from a big family of Labor and Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs! Birth talk was dinner talk in my house. I believe that I have a unique skill set as an Exercise Physiologist who has not only spent years learning about exercise and movement but specifically how exercise and movement relate to pregnancy and birth. Beyond that, I have worked with hundreds of families as both a childbirth educator and a birth doula.

I believe that going through the entire process with families really gives me skills that cannot be obtained in a book. I believe that pregnant people deserve to feel strong, beautiful and empowered through pregnancy and birth. I believe that pregnant people do not have to “just deal” with back pain and sneeze pee just because they’ve experienced pregnancy and birth. I believe in the power of the amazing transformation that is becoming a parent whether the first time or the twelfth and whether unmedicated, medicated or surgically. I believe in parents and I truly believe that helping pregnant people is my life’s work. I am passionate about giving pregnant people the tools to have easier pregnancies, births, and recoveries and look forward to working with you to offer this to your clients.

And a Movement Specialist

Body Ready Method Hi, I am Lauren and a mother of three. I am an internationally recognized Yoga + Pilates teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor issues. I've been teaching movement and training teachers for the past two decades. I create online exercise programs that are challenging, unique, safe, sustainable and life-changing.

I am also a trained childbirth educator and am passionate about shifting the idea that pregnancy is not an illness. I want to empower pregnant people to believe that we do have what it takes to be a part of this unique process, including the many innate shifts, changes and transitions. To that end, my work focuses on cultivating balance, strength and resilience. I love teaching and showing pregnant people that they have the physical ability for a pregnancy, the inner calm to be present for their birth and the adaptability to parent. It is not an uphill battle once you have the tools you need to be a part of this wild and crazy journey and I look forward to being on this learning journey with you.In addition to Yoga and Pilates I am also certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist®, in Neurokinetic Therapy® and in Anatomy in Motion.