Have you seen the new type of active birth pro

These birth pros are confident and clear about what to do and when, throughout pregnancy, birth and the 4th trimester.

Body Ready Method

The new emerging birth pro...

Knows their client’s body like the back of their hand and understands
what to do when to encourage progress in birth.

Cool cloths and encouraging words are important, but when you add
targeted tools to your toolbox, you set yourself apart. Now you can
facilitate immediate physical results during birth too.

That feeling when something you’ve coached a client to do, and then
suggested during the birth, works in real time?

It’s priceless.

And pretty soon word spreads that “THIS birth pro” is doing something
different. This birth pro is working with pregnant people to prepare their
body for birth…

This birth pro is tailoring their approach to each unique client in front of them……

This birth pro REALLY understands the science behind preparing for
and supporting a more efficient physiological birth...

And… This birth pro is getting results.

Suddenly you’re not looking for clients any more, they’re finding you.

BRM® will give you this. And more.

Body Ready Method
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Postpartum Foot Massage:
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Body Ready Method

There’s nothing more frustrating

than seeing your client struggling to progress in birth and not being able to help them move along faster.

You might feel like you aren’t quite sure which tool to suggest (even though you’ve learned many) because you aren’t clear on when exactly to use them.

Or even like it isn’t your place to speak up about physical moves during the birth, and if you did, the birth team wouldn’t listen anyway.

I struggled with this too.

I couldn’t understand why, even with all my training, I still couldn’t seem to effectively progress birth. Especially when there was a delay.

I felt more and more helpless as I kept seeing doctors intervene way before birthing people were even given a chance to try something different.

I knew in my bones, this had to change. There HAD to be a way to delay medical intervention and give the body a chance to progress in the way it knows how to...

Body Ready Method

So I went away. And I did all the reading. And I did all the research. I attended many, MANY births. Then I took all the wisdom from exercise science, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics and applied it to birth and the ever-changing pregnant body.

I had conversations with ALL the birth pro—midwives, nurses, OBGyns, doulas, OTs, PTs, chiros, bodyworkers, and movement pros...

And I found the answer.

I developed a method that changed the game in birth. And suddenly I was having those priceless moments again, and again, and again.

And more pregnant people were having better births. And I knew more birth pros NEEDED to know what I knew…

And what I knew started WAY before the birth…

To facilitate the best possible birth,
get involved during pregnancy

Body Ready Method

Know how to get your clients moving to improve fetal positioning and pelvic space.

Body Ready Method

Hone your eye to better understand the possible sources of common aches and pains.

Body Ready Method

Learn which movements will progress labor most, and how to practice the ones best suited to your client’s body to prepare.

Body Ready Method

Improve your ability to understand the big picture yet notice all the small things AND what to do with this information.

Body Ready Method

To elevate your role on the birth team, learn essential skills
to facilitate an efficient birth.

Body Ready Method

Know what positions to suggest to encourage progress—delaying or even eliminating the need for medical intervention.

Body Ready Method

Be clear on what will work best for your client’s unique body (and why) to decrease pushing time and likelihood of injury.

Body Ready Method

Be prepared with specific hands-on tools to encourage progress and address delays, plus certainty on when, why and how to use them!

Body Ready Method

Confidently advocate for the birth your client wants.

Body Ready Method

Facilitate a smooth transition into
the 4th trimester

Body Ready Method

Learn the importance of rest and how to prepare your client to get enough of it.

Body Ready Method

Know how to address tension in your client’s postpartum body.

Body Ready Method

Be equipped with tools to support your client in recovering from scarring due to c-section or tearing.

Accomplish this and more when you train
in the Body Ready Method®!

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“This is the best training I have ever taken... truly! Other trainings left me feeling like I didn't understand the why or physiology behind the recommendations and tools. BRM® finally brought it all together and connected all the pieces of wisdom.
I learned life-long skills and tools to share with clients that still allowed me to stay within my scope of practice. This training needs to be a part of every doula training.”

Cathy Gomez

Birth Doula, Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parent teacher

California, United States

Know “what to do when” instead of worrying if you’re doing enough

If your client…

  • is experiencing a delay during birth… they likely want someone who understands what may be going on and who can confidently suggest positions and releases to make balance and space, facilitating progress.
  • Body Ready Method
  • wants to stack the cards in their favor for an unmedicated vaginal birth... they might need pelvic floor yield and good core support.
  • Body Ready Method
  • is struggling with back pain or pelvic pressure… they might need to stop bearing down (and ensure their hips are well-aligned).
  • Body Ready Method
  • is concerned about a diastasis recti (abdominal separation)... they might need to be assessed for intra-abdominal pressure and given a set of targeted exercises.
  • Body Ready Method
  • wants to know how to optimize body healing and recovery in the 4th trimester… they might need the 5-5-5 and daily 7 protocols.
Body Ready Method

With BRM®, YOU become the expert, equipped with a thorough
understanding of their pregnant and birthing body, what it's
capable of, and the tools it will best respond to.

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As a new active birth pro you’ll…

Birth is unpredictable.

Be confident.
Be prepared.
For whatever arises.

Emerge as an active birth pro.

Body Ready Method

If you’re a...

  • Doula
  • Midwife
  • Nurse
  • Yoga teacher
  • Body worker
  • Chiropractor
  • Childbirth educator
  • Fitness or movement professional
  • Birth professional / coach

and you want to…

  • Gain the ability to see the big picture while simultaneously noticing all the small parts.
  • Know the “why” and “how” of helping your clients prepare for a more efficient childbirth
  • Be at the top of your game, no matter what happens…
Body Ready Method
The Body Ready Method® training is for you!

With BRM® you won’t need to:

  • Spend thousands of dollars on dozens of courses and certifications—we’ve distilled the most essential & powerful tools from years of training, education, experience, and science.
  • Consult every type of birth professional—we’ve combined the wisdom from leading midwives, nurses, doulas, movement pros and birth pros.
  • OR
  • Worry that you aren’t asking the right questions (or getting accurate answers) to support your clients in preparing for their desired pregnancy & birth experience.
  • Second-guess what you’re suggesting to your clients during their pregnancy and birth. Feel frustrated at not knowing what to do to help your clients through difficult moments in birth.
  • Be concerned you aren’t doing enough.
  • Struggle to find your voice among the birth crew (you’ll be clear on what to say and that it NEEDS to be said).

You’ll create a deep understanding of WHY each BRM® tool and technique works,
so you’ll understand exactly HOW they’re helping your client.

You’ll never feel like you’re recommending something
“just because you were taught to” again.

How does the Body Ready Method® Training work?

The training runs for 5 months with 4 weeks
of planned time-off included in the schedule.

  • Weekly 2-hour live, interactive training sessions with Lindsay McCoy+ faculty.
  • Replays for all sessions available to study at your own place.
  • 60+ short, easy-to-follow videos to support your learning.
  • Step-by-step study guides to help you think through content.
  • Quizzes to help you gauge your progress and provide feedback.
  • Supportive peer learning & networking groups.
  • 15 bonus lectures (and growing)

All of this in an easy-to-digest format that supports YOU in
expanding your skills to stand apart…

…in less than 5 hours a week!

Body Ready Method

You’ll learn:

  • How to direct and support the pregnant person in preparing their body for birth during pregnancy.
  • How to help your clients minimize their aches and pains.
  • How to prevent or address the top pregnancy symptoms like diastasi recti, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and shortness of breath.
  • How to assess clients prenatally and work on their sticky spots so that they do not come up during labor and birth.
  • The positions and releases that can most effectively decrease pushing time during labor.
  • How to teach your clients to move during pregnancy to optimize their baby’s position for their unique pelvis.
  • Specific hands on tools to encourage progress and address delays in labor, plus the understanding of when, why and how to use them!
  • A deep understanding of the birthing body including what positions to suggest to encourage progress—delaying or even eliminating the need for medical intervention.

And more... much more!

Body Ready Method®

Body Ready Method

LIVE | Online | 5 months

September 2022 – January 2023

  • Core content live webinars each week
  • 60+ videos to support your learning
  • 15+ bonus lectures and PDFs
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to all training content
  • Lifetime access to OSM Prenatal and Postpartum programs
  • Continued opportunities for support and learning post training

PLUS once you certify
you’ll be eligible:

  • To be featured in our online directory so pregnant people can find you.
  • To use the BRM® logo for your website + marketing.
  • For subsequent trainings and classes.
  • For discounts on future BRM® events.
Free Bonus
When you use code ACC at checkout!
Postpartum Foot Massage:
A Brief Tutorial PDF and

Join Body Ready Method®

Join Body Ready Method®

Doors are closed for the Sept. '22 cohort of the training. Join our waitlist to be notified first of when doors open for the next cohort.

Got questions?

The weekly lives happen on Thursdays. Check out this document for the live dates and the scheduled weeks off. And remember, its ok to if you can't join live - replays will be available!

You will be able to increase what you offer to your clients (including BRM® assessments) and create individualized plans for your clients to better balance and strengthen their bodies during pregnancy. This, as you will learn in the certification, positively impacts the birthing experience and postpartum recovery. You will also be able to support your clients during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, offering them more than just comfort measures!
When you successfully certify as a BRM® Pro, you will have access to the BRM® logo to use in your marketing!

This training is a combination of asynchronous and live learning opportunities that take place virtually. The training lasts 5 months with 15 weeks of content and 4 weeks of scheduled breaks. During the 15 weeks of content, there are items to read, videos to watch, and a weekly live session. The live session will be recorded in the event you are not able to join live. There will be quizzes each week that are designed to help you consolidate what you’ve learned, not to overwhelm you! They are “open book” and you can take them as many times as you need to. Plus, you will have a peer group to support your learning and integration throughout the course.

Once you complete all requirements, you will be sent a printable certificate, invited to the private BRM® Facebook group. And that is not all - you will be eligible for future trainings as well as discounts on them. Plus, if you choose to be an Active Certified BRM® Pro, there are additional benefits.

You are welcome to apply for an extension.

You cannot create or run BRM® classes or workshops. You also cannot create or run OSM classes or workshops.

Yes! With the private Facebook group for the duration of the training and the peer learning groups, you will have the support you need every step of the way.

We have a private facebook group for those who have completed a Body Ready Method® training or course.
This is a great place to connect with like-minded professionals for networking and support and get additional support from Lindsay and Lauren.

We welcome any and all questions so please ask them! If you have a question, it is highly likely that others going through the program will benefit from the response so please do post!

We currently offer CEUs from multiple organizations.
If we do not offer CEUs for the organization you need, we are happy to provide a packet of information you can share with your licensing agency/organization to see if they will approve CEUs for the training.

An Active Certified BRM® Pro is one who has completed their certification and paid the annual fee. This annual fee allows the pro to be listed in our online directory, use BRM® logos for marketing and advertising, participate in quarterly coaching calls with Lindsay, apply to become an affiliate for OSM, apply to be a BRM affiliate, access the Active Certified BRM® Pro Portal, and we are planning even more benefits to add!

Yes, absolutely. But it's even more than release work, we address the body mechanics, movement patterns, and alignment in order to assess and know what an individual body may need.
And then we address it with exercises that are done consistently over time for long-lasting change. A lot of late pregnancy and birth release work is temporary. We do teach this temporary release work, but we will be coming at it in a more proactive way by addressing it through the BRM® method to create lasting change!

Participants do have access to both the prenatal and postpartum OSM programs. One Strong Mama is our program for pregnant people so it is very much from a lay person perspective and does not go into depth with the "why" that you’ll be doing as a pro. It also does not provide a personalized approach. OSM teaches basics and addresses our full body 5 pillar body ready approach through exercise classes.

Not necessarily, no. It is sometimes nice to have because they can just hit play and do the exercises. We have a lot of birth pro who are OSM affiliates so they receive a percent of each sale and we give them a coupon code for $10 off for their clients. But we also get that OSM is not for everyone. Those in the BRM® training will fully understand the background to do the OSM-type work with their clients but are not able to teach a BRM® or OSM class or workshop.

No. If your intention is to teach movement courses you will need an additional qualification. However, you can incorporate this knowledge into your current scope of practice.

This is a continuing education training. If your intention is to become certified as a doula, you will need to seek additional training.

You can not call your offerings (e.g. class, workshop) “Body Ready Method®” or BRM® or “One Strong Mama or OSM”. However, if you are using information that was learned in this training, you must say that the information comes from the Body Ready Method®. You can also advertise that you are Body Ready Method® certified should you choose to complete the certification requirements.

There are planned breaks of 1-2 weeks throughout the training. In addition, you have 2 months from the last live meeting to complete the requirements for certification. If you do not successfully complete all requirements within the 2 months, you will need to start the process over which includes registering and paying for another cohort of the training.

You will have lifetime access to your cohort’s content. If you would like to participate in future cohorts you can do so for a discounted price. Future versions of content are only available to those in the cohort in which it was released.

Still got questions? We’ve got answers!

Reach out to us support@bodyreadymethod.com
and we’ll get back to you

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