Body Ready Method® teaches professionals how to become literate in the pregnant and birthing body.

 BRM® does not just share birth techniques but knowledge of how to assess a body in pregnancy using more than 20 assessments, to identify compensation and tension patterns, and address these patterns with more than 30 movement tools, to allow the physiology to be primed for a more efficient birthing process. The training also teaches over 40 positions and techniques for birth.

Benefits of Traning with Body Ready Method
Train with Body Ready Method

Body Ready Method® takes a proactive approach to pregnancy and birth, not reactive.

We have identified key areas of the body that, once brought into better balance and function,  can make pregnancy more comfortable, birth more efficient, and postpartum recovery go more smoothly. All of this work leads to increased satisfaction, and our training participants share their wins and experiences all the time.

Body Ready Method® gives professionals the ability to become a “birth detective.”

 During birth it can be difficult to know what physiological tool is most appropriate to use at a specific stage of the birthing process. BRM® provides professionals with the understanding and framework to be able to select a tool, from BRM®’s myriad of options, that would be most effective and appropriate for each birthing person.

Body Ready Method Pros
Benefits of Working with Body Ready Method

Body Ready Method® teaches about the pelvic biomechanics.

BRM® helps professionals understand which pelvic movements make space in each level of the pelvis. This knowledge empowers the professional to know what position to put their patient in, based on where baby is in the pelvis. We also teach professionals how to hone their eye and use numerous clues to determine baby’s station.

Body Ready Method® teaches the soft tissue ‘hold ups’ at each level of the pelvis.

More than just the pelvis, there are also soft tissues that can create labor stalls. Plus, what might stall labor in the inlet is different from what might stall labor at the mid-pelvis which is different from why outlet stalls could occur. BRM® teaches professionals how to address these stalls proactively in pregnancy using our various assessments, movement tools and balancing techniques And for those that only work in birth, BRM® also teaches professionals what to do during birth to support progress and decrease delays using various hands-on techniques and positions based upon the individual and assessment of their birthing body.


Body Ready Method Unique Benefits
BRM Benefits

Body Ready Method® goes far beyond teaching techniques to memorize.

We teach the biomechanical science behind it all so professionals can take this deeper awareness into the birthing room to become creative solution finders instead of having to rely on a few specific birth positions and techniques. 


Body Ready Method® is paving the way in our understanding of how we can prepare the body for birth in pregnancy.

Body Ready Method teaches how to be proactive and intentional with movement based activities in pregnancy. These activities are based on individual body compensation patterns that may contribute to different types of labor stalls and teach professionals how to address these body patterns in order to prepare for a more efficient birthing process.


BRM Pros
Unique BRM Benefits

Body Ready Method® teaches a more individualized approach to pregnancy and birth.

Not every pregnant and birthing body needs the same tools and techniques. Using what BRM® teaches, professionals can identify what each individual needs rather than giving  blanket recommendations for every labor stall or other issue.


Body Ready Method® is not a script to follow, it is a layer deeper.

We believe that when professionals acquire deeper knowledge and become more literate in the physiology of the pregnant and birthing body, we no longer need to follow a script, but can become more creative and intentional with what we offer to our clients and patients to more intentionally and specifically offer support.


Preparing for Birth

Body Ready Method® discusses and educates on the role of the core/pelvic floor.

BRM®’s approach is systems-based. By better understanding the systems involved, specifically the core and pelvic floor, a professional can better understand what a patient needs, prenatally, during birth, and postpartum. Professionals who have trained in BRM® can not only address core and pelvic floor dysfunction, but suggest solutions that can minimize labor stalls, reduce birth injuries, and facilitate postpartum recovery.