Hannah Akers

Hi! I have been a birth doula and childbirth educator since 2020. In 2022, I had a significant labor stall during the birth of my son.

My doula used BRM® techniques to resolve it. I was so impressed, that I knew I had to become a BRM® pro, as well! I support births at home, birth centers, and hospitals. Outside of birth, I love biking and enjoying the mountains here in Utah.

Yaren Ağan

I gained professional experience in the field of physiotherapy through internships in Germany, turning my interest in women’s health into a career.

I completed the Body Ready Method® training and specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation at All About Pelvis. Additionally, I completed reformer, mat, and prenatal & postnatal Pilates training at the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

Currently, I work in the areas of pelvic floor disorders, pregnancy exercises, and postpartum rehabilitation, and share informative content on social media (@fzt.yaren).

Dr Twink Lim

I am an antenatal chiropractor that utilizes gentle adjustments to optimize function and uses BRM®, Spinning Babies®, and optimal maternal positioning for better, gentler, and safer birth.

Whitney Marrero

I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for over 13 years and am passionate about pregnant mamas and their families. I’ve always believed in the power of the birthing mother and want to help change the birth culture of our country.

After attending a Spinning Babies® workshop, I found the Body Ready Method® through Gail Tully. I want to help women prepare for an easier and more efficient birth before they reach me on the labor and delivery unit. This is why I’ve become a certified BRM® pro and I’m excited to serve those in my community.

Hannah May

Working with me as your doula means diving deep prenatally. I believe in personal responsibility, physiology first, and advocating for oneself.

I help my clients prepare for birth through education (online comprehensive childbirth ed class), physical (Body Ready Method® assessments), energetic (Reiki), and more. I learned that my clients’ most empowering experiences are when they get crystal clear on their values and learn how to communicate them. I am there to support you all along the way.

Devorah Sitko

I have always had an interest in the medical field and an affinity towards helping others.

Becoming a doula felt like the perfect marriage of the two. Once I certified through DONA, I heard about BRM®. After researching it, I felt that I intrinsically aligned with the BRM® model. I could not have been happier to have become BRM® certified, and I love applying my knowledge when working with clients.

Pati Moss

As a birth doula, I have helped over 650 birthing parents in physiological birth.

All women innately know how to give birth. I hope to impart Body Ready Method®, and its importance in helping during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Anam Zaidi

I am a certified childbirth educator, certified VBAC practitioner, certified BRM® pro, authorized Body Ready Birth teacher, and passionate about biomechanics.

I am the pioneer of doula services in my country. I work with my clients proactively to achieve the births they hope for. I strive so hard to bring change and awareness in my community to change the broken birthing system and I keep myself updated by taking different evidence-based trainings.

Ros Bunhu

I’m a qualified midwife and massage therapist, with skills and experience with supporting women and families during birth and post-birth.

I believe in getting the body prepared during pregnancy working with your body and giving you useful knowledge to achieve the best possible birth during your journey.

Ambrosia Meikle

I am a seasoned full-spectrum birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and childbirth educator.

I am currently working full-time as a student midwife based in Arvada, Colorado where I plan to practice within the next year. I am an extremely calm and knowledgeable presence who incorporates her passion for trauma, informed care, and gentle movement to guide her clients.

Liz Daher

I am a certified birth doula and trained postnatal doula through DONA International; a certified Body Ready Method® pro; and a certified perinatal nutrition expert. As a licensed professional engineer, I built a successful career in the nuclear industry before answering the call that had tugged at my heart since becoming a mother – to lovingly guide other parents as they navigate the metamorphoses inherent to pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

I combine my analytical background with my caring nature to bring structure and calm to the process of preparing for birth. I am a lifelong learner who appreciates the sense of empowerment that comes with the application of knowledge – both for myself, and my clients. BRM® has provided another set of tools that I can use to support each client in unique ways to suit their individual needs and circumstances. Preparing for birth and adjusting to parenthood can feel confusing and overwhelming, but that doesn’t have to be the case – I will meet you where you are and learn about what is important to you so that I can help support and protect those things as you welcome and nurture your baby, and yourself.

Sabine Hänny

I have been working as a midwife for many years and support families during pregnancy, birth (in a birth center/home birth), and postpartum.

The BRM® training and application enrich my midwifery knowledge.

Jessica Dufault

I’m a pelvic physical therapist & birth coach and I’m on a mission to share valuable resources with you BEFORE your birth so you can have a more efficient birth and smoother postpartum recovery. I believe your postpartum recovery starts with how you prepare for birth and I have a lot to share with you.

Dawn Bond

I have been a doula for 24 years. This training has built my confidence and also enabled me to teach my clients how to better prepare for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Cristiane Simões

For over a decade I have been actively supporting women by assisting as a birth doula and Spinning Babies® classes. Primarily providing a peaceful and reassuring presence, I have attended births in a variety of spaces including hospitals and homes.

After gaining skills from the Body Ready Method®, I have expanded my skills to prime pregnant women for easier and more enjoyable birth experiences. my passion for continued learning about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. For me it is a privilege and honor to come alongside women in the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of their births.

Alyssa Ramage

I am a birth and postpartum doula, certified holistic nutrition consultant and personal trainer. I believe in supporting the whole person – mind, body and spirit. I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help families and women in particular prepare their bodies and environment during pregnancy for a physiological birth and faster recovery postpartum.

BRM® has taken my passion to the next level and has given my clients more laboring options and proactive response in pregnancy versus a wait-and-see reaction and it has transformed my clients birthing experience for the better!

Sarah Malka Malik-Foster

I am a mother of three, TCA homebirth specialist doula, Chinese medicine practitioner, reflexologist, energy healer and sound healing practitioner. Recently I added to these amazing skills a whole new set of birth detective skills with the certification as a certified BRM® pro.

My journey doesn’t stop here, I learn from every birth and work towards supporting moms on their own unique birth journey. Empowering them and seeing them grow into consciousness of their own strength and the beauty of becoming a participant in their own birth instead of an spectator.

Jamee Vasquez

I’m a Bay Area based birth and postpartum doula. Birth support is a passion of mine, and something I believe each and every birthing person should have. Through my journey as a doula I’ve recognized the need for more thorough physical and mental preparation leading up to birth and even in healing soon after.

I found a significant piece to this puzzle in Body Ready Method®. I love working with expecting parents, sharing knowledge and tools to assist them as we prepare to welcome their baby earth side.”

Sumer Jimenez

As a doula, educator, and perinatal yoga teacher BRM® has enhanced what I am able to offer families as they prep for birth and new parenthood. As a mom of 4, I can attest that mothering is hard work, but having the right tools makes all the difference. BRM® has given me the practical tools to round out my holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Kayla Hernandez

I am a dedicated birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator. My journey into the world of birth work began with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of expecting families. Witnessing preventable issues and challenging birth experiences sparked a fire within me to seek out comprehensive knowledge and tools to better support my clients.

This led me to discover the Body Ready Method® (BRM®). I believe in the power of intuition, body awareness, and informed decision-making. I am honored to walk alongside my clients, guiding them to tap into their inner strength, trust their instincts, and create positive birth experiences that resonate with their unique journey.

Sharon Mayo

Helping birth babies is and has been the passion of my life work. My journey to BRM® began as a midwife’s assistant, certified doula, certified childbirth educator, Spinning Babies® certified parent educator and now a certified BRM® pro.

Jennifer Ruggles

I am a certified birth doula and birth photographer. I am also a PNW native and mother of two human children and two wild dogs. As a birth doula I am constantly reminded that our bodies and our stories are all unique and completely our own.

This constant reminder drives me to continue learning as much as I can to help pregnant people prepare their body, mind and spirit for the experience of childbirth and parenthood. The Body Ready Method® has given me a new perspective and the tools to individualize my care for my clients.

Rebecca Christian

I have been a doula, lactation counselor, and sleep coach since 2016. After working with hundreds of clients during their birth and postpartum period, I wanted to increase my skills in helping birthing parents not only train their bodies for birth and postpartum, but help them get in touch with their bodies for the benefit of the rest of their lives.

I love all types of birth, and I have seen first-hand how much of a game-changer Body Ready Method® is for my clients. Whether you are having your first baby or looking to recover your strength and alignment years after having your children, I would love to be part of your journey and help you with incredible tools Body Ready Method® provides.

Jacqui Jarrett

I have been a midwife for over 10 years and have seen many births that I felt could have had a different outcome had the biomechanics and physiology of birth been addressed at the time. I made it my mission to educate myself and it has become my passion.

Now as a BRM® pro I am able to offer a service from conception to postpartum that will prepare your body ready for birth to try give you the birth experience you hope for.

Jade Donnelley

With a decade of doula experience, I understand how important it is to be staying up to date with information and strategies for birth. That’s why I was so excited to become a certified BRM® pro! I have witnessed the power of movement in labor and am excited to incorporate even more strategies and tools with my clients.

I am also excited to offer birth preparation sessions to help my clients feel empowered and confident during their pregnancy.

Susan Rook

I began my career as a physical therapist immediately following college. My unexpectedly complicated first pregnancy prompted me to train as a childbirth educator and a breastfeeding peer counselor in 2001. I earned birth doula certification from DONA International in April 2019 and became a CLC in 2020.

The BRM® training appealed to me as a way to combine all my interests and apply them with individual clients to prepare during pregnancy to birth well and to navigate the postpartum adjustments successfully.

Dr. Abby Persoleo

I am a prenatal chiropractor who has been supporting pregnant people since 2012. I am passionate about empowering moms (and birthing people) to understand how they can prepare their body for birth and feel their best during pregnancy.

My treatment plans are developed using my professional experience in prenatal chiropractic, exercise physiology, personal training and the Body Ready Method® professional training. I am a mom of four children and enjoyed using BRM® throughout my pregnancies!

Debbe Cannone

I have been a birth worker since 2012, supporting parents on their unique pregnancy, labor, birth. and postpartum journeys. My services are tailored to your individual needs and now include supporting you in being body-aware and body-ready to experience this season of life as fully as possible.

Birth is a singular experience in your life, and you will always remember it. I’d love to work with you to prepare for creating some amazing memories!

Miko Yamaguchi

Birth is miraculous, transformative, and unpredictable. I began my journey as a doula in 2011. Twelve years earlier, I gave birth to my daughter after a high risk pregnancy with many complications along the way. I experienced flow state and a miraculously uncomplicated birth with the support of my birth team including my doula. Lindsay McCoy, co-founder of Body Ready Method®, talks about birth being the portal into what we become.

This is where birth led me. As a birth doula, I provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner. Drawing on my training and life experience, I provide consistent emotional support, physical comfort, and information to help you make informed decisions. BRM® gives me tools to guide you in finding flow state, balance, and space. My prenatal work focuses on cultivating trust in your intuition and awareness of your unique movement patterns to find ease in your body and create a balanced space for baby. These tools continue to help nurture the healing process postpartum and beyond.

Areeba Aamir

I can help my clients feel strong, comfortable, and confident as they get ready to welcome your baby.

Ellie Morris

I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and prenatal yoga since 2015. I have used yoga and meditation to prepare for the births of my children and to support my body and mind as a mom. BRM® has given me a stronger foundation in the biomechanics of pregnancy and birth to better tailor my classes to my clients’ needs and goals.

With a background in public health education, I hopes my classes can help clients better connect with, understand, and care for their bodies as they move through this amazing life transition.

Dr. Victoria Chamberlin

I am a perinatal and pediatric chiropractor. I am Webster certified through the ICPA – International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and continue training with them in pregnancy and pediatric focused techniques.

I have trained with the Upledger Institute in CranioSacral therapy and am a proud Body Ready Method® pro, which allows me to bring a unique and whole-person centered focus to my patients. I believe in, and subscribe to wellness and healing from the inside out.

Wambui Wanjau

I have been a doula for 10 years and a midwife for 3 years and I wanted to elevate my practice.

So after coming across Body Ready Method® I decided to dive in and do the course! It has been life-changing for me and my clients I know how to support them at every stage of labour and that is very empowering to me.

Roma Hearsey

I’m a biomechanics of birth nerd, a doula who found that the more I taught my clients in pregnancy, the smoother & quicker their births went. I mostly support home births.

Vanessa de Beer

I am a professional nurse and midwife attending home births since 2015. I constantly look for ways that I can improve the care and support I offer women, and I’ve found BRM® to be such a powerful, gentle, and safe tool to bring to families to help their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences go smoothly.

As a midwife, I believe that the woman and her baby take the lead during birth and I support only in ways that I am needed. I had my own baby three years into practicing as a midwife, and I had an amazing unassisted water birth at home. I hope to be multi-faceted and flexible in the support that I offer families.

Skyler Jesz

I am a certified PA working in a women’s health clinic.

I have a passion for helping my patients identify and treat the root of their concerns, especially regarding the pregnant and postpartum periods. I am so excited to be a part of the BRM® movement and shift the paradigm of the antepartum period.

Jamie O’Neal

As a nurse, I have been intrigued by the body’s natural mechanics, movement patterns, and body alignment. My skills and experience include working with many clients and families, of all ages, with and without medical conditions. My journey has led me to gain extensive training to understand how to support all bodies to find optimal balance and alignment, to gain resilience, strength, and mobility.

My nurturing, hands-on approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care centers on facilitating the best possible experience and memories, for every client and their family. I also aim to create safe spaces to support the mind, body, and spirit; through respectful care, education, emotional support, bodywork/body balancing, comfort measures, and encouraging self-advocacy. Clients often experience a profound sense of lightness, calm, and relaxation after a session. Other benefits may include improved flexibility, circulation, nerve function, and energy distribution throughout your body.

Nicole Bengtson

I created Belly to Baby Birth doula from my passion for my family, helping others, my love for babies, and making a difference. What better way to make a difference than learning the BRM® principles and tools to guide my clients in preparation for birth and create more positive birth outcomes?

I love teaching the BRM® techniques to support my clients and watching the results appear right before their eyes. As a certified birth doula, HypnoBirthing doula and certified Body Ready Method Pro®, my goal is to help you feel supported, empowered and informed with evidence-based care from pregnancy through birth! You have a choice when it comes to your baby’s birth and I would love to be a part of that amazing journey with you!

Claudia Dornbusch

I see each birth as a unique miracle. My personal journey to become a mom and my many years of witnessing the beauty and magic of birth explain why. As a certified birth and postpartum doula, certified coach, and childbirth educator, I focus my birth doula practice on providing non-judgmental emotional, physical, educational, partner, and advocacy support during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

As a certified Body Ready Method® pro, I work with mamas-to-be who want a professional by their side who can suggest tools & positions and perform hands-on techniques to create balance and space in the birthing body to support the physiological process of birth.

Susan Petrus

I’m a seasoned birth doula and childbirth educator who is always interested in learning new information and techniques that can help birthing families on their pathway to parenthood! I am super-enthused about being able to offer BRM® tools for my clients as part of their physical preparation.

Jacqui Bohmer

I am a certified holistic birth doula, yoga 250 hour, certified BRM® pro with a background originally in L&D nursing. My focus is on supporting women and their partners to navigate the multi-layered journey through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum; helping my clients create connected, positive and empowering experiences.

Since completing the BRM® 2023 training, working with the wisdom of Functional Alignment yoga, and the intuition in a birthing woman’s body I have noticed a significant difference in positive birth experience(s). If you are looking for someone to provide you with wise and compassionate support, I would love to be a guide for you into the many aspects of your pregnancy, birth and beyond journey. Let’s change the course of birth, remove fear, ground into ancestral wisdom, and end pelvic floor trauma. Find me @CORE,mind,body,baby Nelson, BC

Ryley Chestnut

I have been a birth doula for over 7 years. As someone who does primarily unmedicated out of hospital births, I wanted to have more tools in my tool box! I have already seen so many benefits to adding in BRM® with my clients!

Alissa Avila-Hansen

My journey into birth work began after the birth of my son. His arrival sparked a profound calling within me and a conviction that birth is a transformative experience demanding both physical and mental strength. My labor was intense and challenging, and characterized by loud, raw moments that were uniquely mine. I trusted my body completely, as it led me into various labor positions. During those hours, the movements became my mantra and I became more powerful.

When it was all over and I held my son in my arms, I had gained a new respect for birth and the mothers who had done it before me. As a doula and certified BRM® pro, I recognize the critical role of proper body alignment and movement in childbirth biomechanics. During labor, I encourage my clients to move purposefully and work with their bodies, not against them. I also focus on creating tranquil environments where clients feel safe and calm, enabling them to tune into their intuition. This approach helps clients reach a flow state where mental resilience bolsters physical endurance. Equipped with BRM® insights and tools, I serve as a keen birth detective, adeptly utilizing specific hands-on techniques, movements, and exercises to mitigate the physical challenges of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. As your doula, I am committed to applying BRM® principles to foster a positive childbirth experience and establish a strong foundation for postpartum recovery.

Karisa Totah

I’m a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula in the Denver Metro area. Babies and pregnancy have been a hobby/point of fascination for me as long as I can remember. So, I’m thrilled that I get to do this as my job! I’m so excited to share my BRM® knowledge as yet another tool to support families through the birthing year… Replacing anxiety with courage, fear with knowledge, discouragement with hope, and overwhelm with joy!

Stephanie Powers

I bring 25 years of bodywork experience and skill to the Vermont birthing community. By facilitating balance for my clients I bring ease and confidence to the process of birth and beyond. My in-depth understanding of movement and my respect for the ever-changing pregnant body offer families knowledge-based care and support.

I am also a certified labor doula through CAPPA, a Spinning Babies® aware practioner, RYC® teacher and a licensed massage therapist.

Leena Jahnsson

I’m a doula, reflexologist and mother of two boys. I love to support families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. BRM® training has give me more deep understanding about the pregnant body and birth biomechanics.

Alla Irwin

As A birth and postpartum doula I am always on a lookout for knowledge and techniques that can ease my client’s experience of pregnancy, birth and early weeks of parenting. When I was introduced to BRM® it deeply resonated with my professional and personal experience. It’s important to be well informed, but also strong yet supple. It might not sound easy, but with the right tools and support it is achievable! I appreciate uniqueness of each person’s story and looking forward to learn more about them, watching them grow and transform on their journey.

Love Talita Akana

I felt called to share birth wisdom since becoming a young mother at 22. I am a certified 500 hr yoga teacher, certified prenatal vinyasa teacher, DONA birth doula, reiki practitioner, community birth educator and certified BRM® pro.

Natalie Gaskin

I’m a pelvic floor occupational therapist and LOVE to work with mamas to have a better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery! I have 3 children and have had a wide variety of experiences at the hospital (emergency c-section, VBAC with an epidural and multiple interventions, and unmedicated birth.

However, I was so excited to discover BRM® and how to start during pregnancy to prepare for a physiological birth, how to address problems/stalls during labor, and how to start recovering postpartum. I’m so excited to bring this method to my small community as well as online!

Judy Edgell

I am a birth and postpartum doula. I have taken training with Spinning Babies® and now I am a certified Body Ready Method® pro.

Alexandra Negru

My passion for childbirth and the perinatal period is carried over in all my offerings. I came to BRM® to deepen my knowledge of birth physiology and help birthing folks approach the big day with confidence. I want everyone to trust their bodies abilities to give birth while finding ease and comfort during pregnancy and labor. am a firm believer that movement is medicine in all aspects of life, be it on the day to day, during pregnancy, birth or on the forever postpartum journey. My goal: foster community and make everyone realize their limitless potential!

Suzy Cook

Birth became my passion at the tender age of 7 , when I attended my first birth. Since then I have had the privilege of attending 500+ births. I love helping mothers that felt like they didn’t get what they wanted or needed with their previous birth experiences. Mom’s need the kind of support I offer.

Lisa Albrecht

The ideas within BRM® are to utilize and strengthen your body to move during pregnancy and preparing for labor is amazing! I want to be part of helping you make your birth story a success!

Jen Benson

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training and afterwards, felt compelled to teach prenatal yoga. I then took the step to complete prenatal yoga teacher training and began teaching. I quickly learned there is so much more to learn! I sought out a training that would enable me to add more birth knowledge and better prepare my student’s bodies for birth, which lead me to the Body Ready Method®. I am excited to bring this information to my classes and to you.

Lisa Schoenholt

I’m a prenatal and postnatal Pilates instructor, birth doula, certified movement analyst, and a certified BRM® pro. I love supporting others and helping them through the journey of motherhood. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years, and the BRM® work has really taken my practice to the next level! I also specialize in diastasis repair. I can’t wait to meet you and help you have a more easeful prenatal and postpartum experience.

Borie Polya

Since training with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) as a doula, antenatal practitioner and pregnancy yoga teacher, my focus shifted towards supporting new families in the antenatal period, during labour and birth, all the way through the fourth trimester after childbirth. Alongside, the usual antenatal preparation sessions that doulas normally offer, I am also happy to teach you calming yoga postures, active birth principles and hypnobirthing techniques that can aid your labour, birth and even your parenting journey. As a birth and postnatal doula, I am there for both parents (as and when applicable), but not to take anyone’s place, rather complement it. Your baby’s position is directly linked to easier and more straightforward labour, optimal positioning can prevent obstructed labour, the need for instrument-assisted birth and the use of epidurals.

I trained with Molly O’Brien, founder of Optimal Birth, in 2019 and have been using these specific maternal positioning techniques with success since then. In 2024 I completed the Body Ready Method® training to further deepen my understanding of the body and how biomechanics influence birth. You can learn these techniques too and apply them when needed as preventative measures in late pregnancy or even during labour as low-risk interventions with the help of your birthing team.

Nancy Weidner

As a Lamaze childbirth educator, doula, and Spinning Babies® parent educator, I am passionate about educating families. BRM® has given me more tools to provide my pregnant clients with personalized guidance thru out their pregnancy journey, labor and beyond.

Janna Sarazin

I have specialized in perinatal massage therapy for over 10 years, so having the indepth BRM® movement assessment and appropriate tools to give to my clients has been a total game changer! It is improving their pregnancies, births with more gentle recovery periods. My clients are feeling so empowered in their own birth and postpartum journeys, I am feeling empowered as a professional and the added bonus is that my own postpartum healing journey has improved by leaps and bounds since encorporating the BRM® principles and movements into my daily life.

Tova Weiss

I am a certified birth doula. I have been working with expecting families for 3 years. I feel it is important that expectant moms are prepared and supported throughout the stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum . As a certified Body Ready Method® pro, I have the tools to help you understand the changes happening to your body and the tools to help prepare you physically for the birth. I look forward to meeting you!

Heather McCullough

As a midwife of over 26 years, I’m always seeking tools to provide ease in birth. BRM® has shown a light on easy, brilliant tools to help me individualize recommendations in pregnancy and birth. It’s already feeling like a superpower!

Briana Vega

I began serving as a birth professional in 2019 and quickly took an interest in body mechanics as they relate to birth. I trained in movements to help during labor and birth and began to notice patterns in labor that could be helped with prenatal body work. BRM® provided the training I was looking for to help guide my clients in the prenatal period to help facilitate a smoother labor flow and better understanding of their bodies in birth. I absolutely love working with birthing families to help educate and guide them as they navigate labor and birth. The BRM® tools and movements have greatly benefited families I work with and has strengthened the childbirth education I provide to families in the prenatal period.

Ashley Sohler

I am a wife, a mother of five beautiful children, a midwife and monitrice. From an early age, I was fascinated with labor, birth, and babies. This fascination became a reality with the birth of my son at home. This life-changing experience opened the door to my profession and passion. I became very passionate about helping women achieve a smoother pregnancy, birth and postpartum through body work, exercises and stretching. In 2024 I became a certified Body Ready Method® pro, continuing my expertise in this field. My understanding of effective movement, body alignment techniques, and exercises makes more room for the baby to get into his/her optimal birthing position. my hope is to equip birthing women to physically, mentally and emotionally step into the unknown of labor, birth and postpartum and come out empowered confident parents. 

Leigh Beining

I am a state licensed and nationally certified massage therapist with 20 years experience. During my time as a massage therapist I have integrated techniques such as neuromuscular, myofascial, craniosacral therapy and reflexology to provide a unique and intentional therapy session for my clients. I have a passion for working with women from fertility to postpartum and have been trained as a doula, practicing gynovisceral manipulation for women’s health as well as have trained with Spinning Babies®. I am extremely excited to include the the skills of the Body Ready Method® into my practice to help laboring mom’s achieve their goals of birth more effectively.

Karen Ward

Preparing the mind for birth and providing nurturing support is my passion, through hypnobirthing, antenatal sessions, as a doula and also through the community that has grown from the women I support in the little town where I live and work.

Now as a certified BRM® pro, I am so excited to be able to add this wonderful knowledge of the body. It feels like the final piece of the puzzle using both the laws of the mind and body to support women to prepare and birth at their best.

Mirjam Stein

I’m a birth and postpartum doula. I believe pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood are transformative experiences that teach us a lot about ourselves. I aim to support this journey by focusing on body, mind, and soul integration.

The BRM® method helps us understand our bodies better during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, empowering us to make informed choices. Outside of my doula work, I have a bachelor’s in Jewish studies and a master’s in conflict research. Originally from Germany, I now live in a Kibbutz in Northern Israel with my partner, two children, and a bunch of goats.

Raylene Tamayo

I am a full spectrum doula, NCS, childbirth, and lactation educator. When I started my journey into birth and postpartum support I quickly realized what I thought I knew was only the tip of the iceberg. I wanted and needed to learn more so I could come into this space confidently knowing I am supporting my families in the best possible ways.

BRM® has completely changed the way I approach all aspects of my practice. I now have a deeper understanding of the biomechanics of the body and how patterns in daily life can and do have an impact on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. As the years pass by my knowledge grows as does my passion and heart for this work. I will forever be honored to have the privilege of being invited into such a sacred space.

Noa Hevroni

I am a doula, a childbirth instructor and a mind-body therapist. Over the years I have learned that in order to allow women to have a good birth experience, it is advisable to consider all the parameters that affect the birth experience: knowledge, emotional work, and physical work.

I try to support women before giving birth in all these aspects. The Body Ready Method® makes it possible to create a unique diagnosis for each woman, a diagnosis that helps to understand which areas of the body need strengthening, or alternatively relaxation. and to provide the woman with simple exercises, adapted to her condition, which will support the preparation of her body for childbirth and sometimes also reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Davina Ebikeme

I am a pre and post-natal doula and ‘Fascia Touch’ practitioner based in London and Essex having trained with Camalo Gaskin at the Center for Doulapathways.

My practice focuses on supporting and empowering pregnant individuals and their ​partners throughout their birth journeys. Empowering my clients through the application of ​dynamic and holistic modalities, focusing on biomechanics, fascia touch, full-presence ​meditation, and breathwork.

Jennifer Waterson

I am a labor and delivery birth worker serving the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area since 2020. I offer judgment-free support to families no matter your desired birth wishes. I support medicated and non-medicated hospital births, home births, and planned cesarean births.

I pride myself on my ability to anticipate your needs during birth and being able to provide you with the support you deserve during pregnancy and childbirth. My ultimate goal is for you to look back on your birth experience and feel supported, educated, and satisfied.

Mary Hanks

With over eight years as a birth doula and three and a half years as the primary birth assistant for a homebirth midwife, I have had the honor of working with countless mothers on their childbirth journey. Always interested in expanding my training beyond the DONA Birth Doula certification, I was especially drawn to educating myself in aspects of maternal positioning.

Prior to birth work, I spent close to two decades with the YMCA as a fitness instructor and personal trainer helping clients reach their fitness goals. The combination of my history in fitness and passion for birthwork, experience in both fields, as well as homebirth, hospital and birthing center births led me to the Body Ready Method® training for birth pros.

Felicia Cohen

I am passionate about helping women find joy and empowering them through pregnancy and guiding them to trust their own instincts and intuition.

For the last two decades of my career, I have continued to study from brilliant mentors who have helped me improve my skill set. As a birth doula and certified BRM® pro, I share my wealth of knowledge with my clients to find greater balance and mobility thereby enhancing their bodies own natural ability to birth and recover.

Laura Nice

I am a women’s health physical therapist and Pilates instructor who utilizes an integrative approach to facilitate a smoother pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

I am passionate about educating and empowering women with movement, education, and manual therapy so they can thrive before, during, and after birth.

Kirsten Dudley

As a mother of six, my initial dream of becoming a midwife shifted when my family relocated to the US. Here, I discovered the crucial role of doulas in supporting birthing parents, igniting a passion to also become a Lamaze childbirth educator, dedicated to empowering parents with essential knowledge and skills for their unique journey to parenthood.

Intrigued by the importance of optimal fetal positioning, I pursued training as a Spinning Babies® parent educator to enhance birth outcomes. Additionally, my commitment to promoting bodily autonomy led me to explore the Body Ready Method®, equipping participants with tools to optimize their physical and emotional well-being throughout pregnancy and beyond, ensuring a journey into parenthood filled with confidence and resilience.

Estee Nadav

I am deeply passionate about the mind-body connection during pregnancy and birth. As a HypnoBirthing educator, postpartum doula and now a certified BRM® pro, I offer a comprehensive toolkit to help expecting parents have a positive birth journey. I am so thrilled to now offer the BRM® skillset to dive deep into the body of expecting parents to ease pregnancy discomforts, facilitate a more efficient birth and a smoother postpartum recovery!

As a mom of 5 I am so thankful I was able to use these tools myself during my pregnancies and I look forward to sharing this amazing knowledge with more parents!

Esmeralda De La Rosa Verdy

I am a mother of 2, a certified birth doula and a childbirth educator who uses Body Ready Method® as a means to be intentional with every mother that I encounter. The goal for me has always been to create individualized and unique prenatal care for women and body ready method has helped me go the extra mile for the needs of a client. I love educating and empowering families throughout preganncy and labor. It is one of the most life altering experiences you will go thorugh and it deserves attention to detail.

We can create a better stigma around birth when we can accept and understand that it is not a toothache. It is natural, intense, wild and joyful all at the same time. I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

Deborah Anastasi Black

As a birth doula, it’s my privilege to serve clients as a knowledgeable and trusted companion, accompanying them through each and every step of the miracle of birth. Actively listening to fully understand my clients’ desires for their birth experience and doing everything I can to customize that experience for them is tangential to my philosophy for my work, which is that birthing people should feel prepared, empowered, supported, heard, and respected throughout their pregnancy and labor.

I’m excited to incorporate body mechanics and alignment principles into my practice as a recently certified BRM® pro, to better support my clients’ preparation for and recovery from childbirth.

Carlee Bond

I have been a doula for over 8 years and have learned the immense value of body positioning to help labors progress smoothly. After learning and trying more techniques and seeing their success in the birth space, I decided to gain comprehensive training in this through the Body Ready Method® to better serve my clients! I consider myself to be a very intuitive doula. With unbiased support, I love to honor and respect everyone’s birth space as their own sacred event.

Baillie McArthur

I am a certified CAPPA labour doula, certified Body Ready Method® pro, and ultimate cheerleader for women. My goal for clients to have an informed, positive, and empowering birth experience. I take a holistic approach to preparation including a strong focus on mental preparation and physical preparation, including utilizing BRM® tools in my practice.

I am an advocate for maternal mental health, informed medical care, and the importance of prenatal education and support. I can be found sharing birth education and tips on Instagram.

Joanna Guzman

As a doula, I’m dedicated to empowering expecting parents on all fronts: mentally, spiritually, educationally, and physically. With a focus on holistic care, I ensure my clients are well-prepared and informed throughout their journey to childbirth.

My expertise spans various areas, including Evidence Based Birth instruction, advanced support for VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), placenta encapsulation, and midwife assistant. Currently, I’m on the path to becoming a midwife myself, with the Body Ready Method® enhancing my practice. My mission is to continue providing comprehensive support in my community, blending knowledge and empathy to facilitate positive birthing experiences.

Elizaveta Rodochinskaia

Originally from Russia, living in Germany, speaking English I follow my mission to help women to birth their babies beautifully and strongly since 2020. I strongly believe that birth is a journey of your body, mind and soul. As a birth doula, mother of 2, hypnobirthing specialist, child birth educator and blogger I am here to support women emotionally and provide with knowledge.

Now I am proud to shift the paradigm and help women to get body ready for birth! We are the result of our choices. Choosing body work means choosing optimal birth experience. If you love music and movement, we will dance through your birth together!

Molly Deutschbein

I offer families the benefit of my experience – as a pregnant and nursing parent, a childbirth educator, a movement educator, a breastfeeding counselor, a fertility and pregnancy bodyworker, and a birth attendant (doula).

I walk with my clients through it all, even if there are complications or a loss. Preparing yourself and your family for a new family member is a big job. We’re here to help you put together a great team of providers and a community of support so you can welcome your little one into a well-resourced nest.

Chelsea Burnett

I am a South Florida birth doula, lactation consultant, and passionate about building a village for birthing families and birthing professionals. For me, this includes providing families with resources for success so becoming a certified BRM® pro was a perfect fit for my business.

I am a mother of two, which has made me enthusiastic about educating ourselves to empower our journey in motherhood. I am always striving to share this empowerment with the families I work with!

Dorothy Troutman

I currently work per diem as a labor and delivery nurse.

I am also a certified doula and own Sacred Birth Doula Services. I feel that my background in nursing as well as my passion for unmedicated births allows me to support a wide variety of moms.

Madeline de la Serna

As a clinical herbalist, mother, and certified BRM® pro, I work with pregnant and postpartum women on multiple facets of their health and wellbeing to bring greater levels of healing, balance, and support into their lives. Through my experience with the Body Ready Method®, I utilize body mechanics, movement patterns, and individualized assessments to help support women in pregnancy, birth preparation, and in building a foundation for an easeful postpartum.

I’m also a clinical herbalist, specializing in working with women throughout the childbearing year from preconception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time. I combine my knowledge and experience of medicinal herbs with the unique needs of the perinatal time, offering customized herbal formulas, along with nutritional guidance and individualized protocols to support the women that I work with.

Lara Proud

Hey, I’m here to support you through every step of your pregnancy and early parenthood journey! As a registered nurse (RN), childbirth educator, lactation consultant, certified BRM® pro, and mom, I understand the whirlwind that is prepping for birth.

I have had 2 very different birth experiences and have supported hundreds of people through theirs! It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, but you’re not alone. Together, we’ll navigate the unknowns of childbirth and early parenthood, addressing your concerns and fears along the way. Our goal is to help you feel prepared, informed, and excited about your journey into parenthood so you can embrace this adventure with confidence!

Hira Hassan

As someone passionate about labor and birth, becoming a doula was fulfilling but joining BRM® answered unaddressed questions and clarified how multiple factors like state of mind, alignment, and movement impact labor patterns!

This deeper lens to look at the body during the birthing process has proven to be effective and transformative in my practice. I know how it feels to have an empowering birthing experience as a mom of 3 and my goal is to help more mothers experience the same with the right knowledge and pre-birth prep!

Ashley Binkley

As a birth doula with 10+ years of a massage therapy background, I have a deep knowledge of the body. I’m constantly striving to learn new ways our anatomy can support and facilitate an easier labor + delivery and am so very happy that I came across Body Ready Method®!

I now incorporate this work into my prenatal yoga classes, prenatal appointments with birth doula clients, offer individual sessions addressing body alignment and pain during pregnancy, offer sessions to help induce labor and of course bring this knowledge into the labor + delivery room. I am more confident knowing what my client needs, at different points in their pregnancy journey or during birth. Instead of trying every trick and technique I knew, I offer solutions for what is needed in the moment, from position/movement suggestions to more hands-on techniques.

Judi Cearnal

As a birth doula, midwife assistant, and a life long learner, BRM® has given me a deeper understanding of baby’s journey during labor and birth. I so appreciate being able to incorporate BRM® to best facilitate it.

My journey to BRM® began with my doula training in 2022 and from there blossomed into observing midwife supported birth. I felt compelled for my doula clients to experience more physiologic care within the hospital setting. I believe knowledge builds confidence and BRM® was the logical next step for building that awareness and help me feel more confident doulaing!

Sydney Rebellino

I have been a certified birth doula since 2017. I have taken prenatal yoga trainings, postpartum doula trainings, and now BRM® all in the hopes of understanding pregnancy>birth>postpartum journey from many angles.

BRM® has had by far the biggest impact on my work to date. I see the way this work benefits my clients, and I want to do everything I can to get this information to as many as possible!

Karen Dirks

As a midwife, yoga teacher, and massage therapist, I have cultivated a wealth of knowledge and experience. Now, as a certified BRM® pro, I am thrilled to merge these disciplines to revolutionize birthing preparation.

My passion lies in providing holistic care, empowering women and families on their journey toward childbirth. I look forward to fostering positive shifts in paradigms and guiding individuals towards a more holistic approach to birth.

Lauren Cooper

I am a certified birth doula, certified lactation support counselor, and certified BRM® pro. My passion is to support families’ birth in awareness where they feel confident, informed, and nurtured with care, love, and respect. I take pride in educating my families with the tools they need to make their desired birth within arms reach.

Ivy Lux

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. After experiencing my own empowering births, this evolved into a deep passion for helping other families on their birthing journeys. I have been supporting birth since 2017. I am a huge nerd and I enjoy expanding my skills and improving the support I give my clients. I became a certified BRM® pro to help facilitate more comfortable pregnancies, easier births, and smoother postpartum recoveries. My goal is to meet my clients where they are in their journeys, and help bring balance wherever I can.

Sally Wiggins

As a birth and postpartum doula, I believe that our bodies were made to give birth, but our current movement patterns are very different from those of women 50 years ago and our labors reflect that in the interventions that many women require to have a vaginal birth. I have learned how creating balance and space in the body can make birth shorter and easier and I want to give women every advantage possible to have the birth they desire.

Naomie Karemi KAINGU

I have worked with pregnant couples for a while and a calm mind is what brought me into Hypnobirthing. I knew there had to be a combination of mind plus body works that needed to be focused on. Recently after taking the Body Ready Method® training I have had x2 really great outcomes and then I knew I was in the right path.

Anitha Ndekezi

I started my journey working as a general practitioner 8 years ago. After supporting hundreds of clients through their birth experience, my journey led me to train in being a childbirth educator and now a certified BRM® pro. My main aim is to holistically support birth clients and equipping them with tangible skills to have a positive trauma free birth experience. I work with clients all over Africa and I am honored to guide you towards an empowered birth.

Dawne Herbert-Withers

Certified DONA doula and social worker with 12+ years of experience working with birthing families, I meet people where they are at and help them manifest their optimal birth experience. I believe every birthing person should have the support they need to welcome the baby earthside with compassion and dignity. I consider birth a pivotal sacred moment in your life, and I am blessed and honored to hold space for you.

Summer Ortiz Pedersen

I’ve been fascinated by birth since childhood, but having six kids and six precipitous births myself is really what helped push me toward birth work. Helping families be well-informed and doing everything possible to have an optimal birth experience is where my passion lies.

I’d been searching for tools and ways to help my clients prepare their bodies for smoother, quicker births. Body Ready Method® was the missing link I had been searching for. Combining my knowledge as a holistic health coach and BRM® with my doula work, I now feel like I really have the tools to help my clients prepare holistically—body, mind, and soul. It’s truly an honor to serve each and every doula client of mine, and as a certified BRM® pro, I’m more confident than ever in the amazing capability our bodies have to birth.

Melissa Ebner

I am a birth an postpartum doula, lactation counselor and a 0-3 montessori teacher

Alisha Sexton

I am a birth doula and a bodyworker. I work with women from pre-conception through postpartum to help them prepare and heal after birth.

Graci Oliver

I became a doula after my VBAC and understood that we can give birth by enjoying the waves of pain by knowing how your body and baby “dance” together for the best.

Birth is active and a movement for life. BRM® is the tool that can help you to be secure, and conscious about it.

Dr. Vivian Keeler

Asa birth doula for 23 years, I’ve learned that balance of both body and mind is vital to positive birthing. I have been a chiropractor for 38 years with a focus on pre & post natal care and am Webster certified. Combining this knowledge with the BRM® training is such an advantage to body balancing. I am president of HypnoBirthing International and also understand that mind and body are one and cannot be separated and the importance of a balanced minds well. I’d love to help you prepare for an amazing birth!

Amanda Granberg

My journey as a registered prenatal yoga teacher and birth doula led me to the Body Ready Method®, to better guide parents-to-be with results-based resources in their preparation for labor and postpartum recovery.

Now, as a certified BRM® pro, I have a deeper understanding of mobility, strength, and alignment practices that build a foundation to help reduce pain and intervention methods throughout pregnancy and labor. I am passionate about empowering expectant parents with the knowledge and tools for a holistic and informed physiological birthing experience, and a nourishing postpartum recovery.

Fareeaha Subar

Taking the BRM® training has deepened my holistic approach into my practice when supporting and witnessing these amazing women transition from pregnancy through to labour, birth and postpartum. Being able to prepare women during their pregnancy had a significant impact on the ease of the labouring and birthing time.

As a certified BRM® pro, student of holistic midwifery, childbirth educator, women’s wellness coach, mother of 7, self sufficient enthusiast, lover of dark chocolate 🙂 – I believe in you and everything you want to achieve. Regardless of the type of birth you desire, the location of your birth, I am ready to support you in achieving the best for you!

Esin Buse Aşcı

I am a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, APPI Antenatal – Postnatal Pilates Teacher, and Certified BRM® Pro.

I am very happy to have met BRM training and been able to offer my knowledge to my clients. I blend what I have learned in this training with my other professional knowledge and I use them both online and face-to-face. With my experience and expertise, I look forward to informing and supporting more women in the right way during and after pregnancy.

Teeya Smith

As a certified birth and postpartum doula, I bring a unique blend of expertise, with a background in yoga and classical voice technique. I am deeply passionate about integrating movement and sound into my work as a birth doula. Shifting the paradigm in the birthing world is a mission close to my heart, which is why I’m excited to be a Body Ready Method® pro. This training perfectly encapsulates my values and aspirations within the birthing community, and I can’t wait to share the valuable tools I’ve gained with those I support.

Lauren Durrer

As a birth doula, certified BRM® pro, and childbirth educator, I have a passion to help families find joy in their birth journey. Joy isn’t typically the first word women think of regarding birth, but how amazing would it be if it was? I believe joy surrounding birth has less to do with having a textbook one, and far more to do with confidence and preparation that comes through practical education and loving, genuine support. I pray you are encouraged to know that birth, however it unfolds, can be an amazing experience!

Aishwarya Padmanabhan

The body is a wonderful place to explore our own thresholds, mentally, emotionally and physically. As a yoga instructor who has worked with diverse groups of people, I am privileged to bring the knowledge and tools of BRM® to my community. This innovative method is a light bearer in the world of prenatal prep, birth and postnatal care. My goal is to continue educating about the body, how it moves, lives and breathes.

Hilary Valentine

As a holistic women’s health coach, pelvic floor therapist, and birth/postpartum doula, Body Ready Method® has helped me expand my skills to confidently support pregnant women within my practice. The BRM® approach aligns beautifully with my already holistic approach to caring for my clients. Since completing the BRM® training in 2023, I now routinely see pregnant women in my practice to support them in achieving their desired birth and be as confident and comfortable as possible for all that pregnancy, birth and postpartum have in store.

Tej Bush

As a birth and postpartum doula, I’ve been fascinated at learning more about the physiological process of birth and how mom and baby work together. Each birth I’ve attended has expanded on my knowledge and respect for labor, but I’m always seeking to expand my tools to help more families! In comes BRM®, a training program that not only helped me in my own pregnancy journey, but also has helped many of my clients address discomforts and body alignment with manageable exercises to help mother and baby work together more efficiently. These tools are invaluable in supporting families in various stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and I’m grateful to be among the pros who can bring this to my community!

Martina Jelkić

I am birth and postpartum doula, lactation consultant and mom. My traumatic first birth lead me to Body Ready Method®. I wanted to help other moms to have easier pregnancy and beautiful birth. I give my moms not just knowledge but also a shoulder to cry on and smile on.

Alysha Kropewnicki

As a passionate advocate for empowered birthing experiences, I bring warmth, expertise, and unwavering support to families embarking on their journey to parenthood. With a foundation in massage therapy and a heart devoted to nurturing, I have obtained certifications as both a birth and bereavement doula and am thrilled to add BRM® to my toolbag. 

Lorie Michaels

I am a passionate birth advocate, bodyworker, doula mentor & childbirth educator, and founded a nonprofit to bring prenatal care and support to birthing families. I love collaborating with women to create smooth pregnancy & birth experiences. I chose the name “Namaste Birth” because it reflects one of my core beliefs… that we are all good and sacred beings at our core. We are partners on this journey & the more we help and honor each other, the better our world becomes.

Olga Nickitina

After experiencing my first childbirth, I made a significant life change, transitioning from my role as a software engineer in a financial company to become a labor doula.

My passion lies in empowering women to feel confident and supported throughout their childbirth journey, ensuring they are able to make informed choices. With personal experience in hospital, home, and solo births, I bring a diverse perspective to my practice. Utilizing techniques that prepare the body for pregnancy, I’ve been able to facilitate smooth births, overcoming childhood injuries along the way.

Intania Amanda Larasaty

As a doula, I believe that parents should be empowered, mothers and fathers should work together in parenting even before their child is born. When we put enough attention to the beginning of life, it may change the whole story. My passion for physical activities since childhood and my journey to motherhood have been strong reasons for me to benefit and support other prospective parents. And as a certified BRM® pro, I have the ability to support expectant mothers throughout their amazing journey: pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Kelly Contreras

BRM® gave me the practical tools to help my clients have a satisfying birth experience. I love being a birth investigator! It has completely enhanced what I am able to to offer families to prep for birth and beyond.

Sasha Sumling

As a licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal care I just knew becoming a certified BRM® pro would enhance my skill set. The training I received grants be the opportunity to dive deeper into preparing my mommas for birth.

Sarah Kirchhoff

I moved into the world of birth work in 2019 after the wonderful birth of my first daughter and I am very passionate about changing our birth culture by giving women back their confidence in their bodies and helping them to prepare for a physiological birth.

Within the last few years, I have worked with Spinning Babies a lot and was part of seeing many positive changes in women’s birth experiences. Last year I was drawn to BRM® because I wanted to extend my knowledge to the next level. I am excited to have become a certified BRM® Pro, which allows me to provide deeper support to women and help them optimize their chances of having the birth they want.

Silvie Falschlunger

After working many years as a birth-worker I’m still intrigued about the potential birth holds.

The experience counts, the journey is significant. BRM® opened another door to be creative and artful in the process, find depth and play-fullness working with the blueprint of birth and its many variations. I’m honored to team up with mothers and their families, sailing the unchartered territories of each unique birth.

Melanie Cruz

I have a passion for supporting my clients to have their most empowered and intentional journeys through birth and beyond, so BRM® was a no-brainer for me–anything that helps support the physiological processes of the body is something I want to be a part of!

I specialize in clients wishing to create an experience with little to no interventions and who are looking for holistic family-centric support.

Kate Holden

 I’m Kate, owner of Full Moon Wellness and Birth. I am a South Jersey native, a wife, and a mother to my two sweet boys, Nash & Wade. Being a yoga instructor, a mother, and going through pregnancy myself sparked a passion for helping women and mothers-to-be incorporate mindfulness and movement into their journey through pregnancy and beyond to help women feel their best in mind, body, and spirit.

Through my own journey through child birth, I came to realize how important it is for women and their partners to feel supported, nurtured, and informed of all of their options. I went on to become a certified labor doula through ProDoula, placenta encapsulator, and a childbirth educator in Hypnobirthing Method- the Mongan Method through Hypnobirthing International. I am truly honored to help women and their partners in the South Jersey and Philadelphia grow their family through the best pregnancy and birth experiences possible.

Jill Giliuson

I’m a birth doula and certified lactation educator. As I’ve been in search of optimal ways to help families during pregnancy and birth, I found BRM® and am truly in awe of this program. I’m excited to share BRM® tools with families.

I have Dancing for Birth in my toolbox along with my CPPNP. It’s my honor to support families during their journey. Each family is so special and unique and deserves access to information to make the right informed choices for them.

Rosalia Pihlajasaari

I am a birth and bereavement doula offering full spectrum services in Finland. I have worked with pregnant families for over 20 years and have supported them through a large variety of different types of births.

I am a childbirth educator and doula trainer and among the many trainings I have done, there are those that truly make a difference to how I doula in my work. Nutritional preparation for pregnancy and birth, BRM®, and Birthing From Within have all had an immense influence on my life and work.

I believe it is important to be able to support a person on every level so that a more holistic approach can be achieved. When all aspects are addressed we can find balance.

Brenda Marlin

I am a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and lactation support counselor who has helped more than 300 families find their personal path to parenthood over the past 20+ years.

I am known for my nurturing, nonjudgmental, and compassionate care, individualized to fulfill and honor each family’s needs and values. The Body Ready Method® has given me a new perspective on how to best prepare my clients to have smoother labors. I live in Austin, Texas, with my wife Joye; we are proud mamas to four young adults.

Shandelle Ferguson

As a doula who has supported over 300 birthing and postpartum families, my goal has always been to help create a less traumatic and more efficient birth process for my cleints. My goal is to work with people where they are in life to help them recognize their body and all that it is capable of and to help ease the flow of labour.

Kim Farr

I am a CPM and licensed midwife who believes birth is a transformative event in a woman’s life.

I pursued the BRM® training to promote strategies to help women have their best possible birth experience.

Lea “Pessy” Herzl

Being a doula has not only helped moms have an easier calmer birth, it has also shaped me into being a more compassionate person. My journey began as a nutritional health coach. I realized early on that for one to be a healthy mom, it begins at the time of conception or before, going all the way through birth and postpartum.

As a doula for 10+ years, combining my 2 passions has facilitated many easier physiological births. Adding BRM® to this mix has been a game-changer for all moms I have worked with. I am an experienced caring doula, with expertise using the Body Ready Method® to help you have the birth of your dreams.

Dr. Courtney Trocinski

I’m a birth doula, childbirth educator, and pelvic floor therapist specializing exclusively in treating clients working through their fertility, prenatal and postpartum journey. I work with clients proactively to have the birth they’re hoping for while also helping them work through any pelvic floor symptoms that may arise. I’m on a mission to improve birth and postpartum experiences throughout the Denver metro area!

Stephanie Huffman

As an occupational therapist, my goal has always been to help my clients successfully do the things that are most meaningful to them. As a pelvic floor therapist specializing in perinatal care, that means addressing peeing, pooping, pain, sexual health, child care, birth and returning to regular activities postpartum. BRM®  has given me the tools to provide my pregnant clients with the most personalized guidance to support their pregnancy and birth journeys. I am passionate about using the BRM® principles to support positive birth experiences and establish a strong foundation for postpartum recovery.

Emily Betancur

As a certified birth doula and childbirth educator, I help mommas gain the understanding and support they need to have the calm, confident birth they want. I got into birth work after hiring a doula for my 3rd hospital birth. It was the first time I got to see and experience how incredible birth can actually be. I previously did not even know that was possible! Now, I am dedicated to serving mommas and helping them reach their birth goals – whatever that looks like for them.

Ambar Rivera

As a dedicated birth worker with a deep-rooted passion for supporting individuals through their journey to parenthood, my path to BRM® has been driven by a commitment to holistic well-being during the transformative process of childbirth. With extensive experience in the field of birth work, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that compassionate support and evidence-based practices can have on birthing experiences. My journey has been marked by a continuous quest for knowledge and a steadfast dedication to empowering families to navigate their unique birthing journeys with confidence and resilience. I bring to the table a wealth of expertise, coupled with a nurturing spirit and unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive environment for expectant parents. It’s my genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of the families I have the privilege to serve. Hablo español.

Evi Reinhard

I am a birth doula and childbirth educator. My main focus is on supporting women who have experienced a difficult birth in the past. Through mental and physical birth preparation and sensitive support during labor, I would like to help you pave the way for a positive birth experience.

Jennifer Chrisman

I am a midwife who is passionate about supporting women to give birth in an empowering and physiological environment in which they feel safe and supported. I believe in optimizing the power of the body prenatally, during birth and postpartum. BRM® can help provide the tools to equip women on journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

Maira Libertad

I am a Brazilian nurse midwife with over 20 years of experience in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings. I am currently offering homebirth and bodywork services. In the past ten years, I have been investing in my bodywork skills, combining the midwifery model of care with embodied and trauma-informed bodywork and movement practices. I have a special interest in breech babies and breech births, but also in psychoneuroendocrinology of birth and how physiological birth principles can be applied in high-risk settings.

Christina Noe

I am a certified birth doula, renowned for my dedication in supporting individuals through the transformative journey of childbirth. With a deep passion for maternal health and wellness, I extend my care as a Body Ready Method® professional, equipped with specialized techniques aimed at optimizing physical readiness for labor and delivery.

I believe my commitment to empowering expectant parents with knowledge and personalized support makes me an invaluable asset in the birthing team, ensuring a holistic and empowering experience for all.

Mindy Bauder

As a mother, doula, childbirth educator, student midwife, and certified BRM® pro, I am passionate about equipping women to flourish in their motherhood journeys. My personal experiences while serving during births led me to explore the benefits of body balancing in preparation for birth and postpartum. The Body Ready Method® provides knowledge and tools that easily integrate into daily life. The benefits I’ve seen incorporating this training into my practice have made astounding differences in birth outcomes and postpartum recovery.

Lauren Seidman

My name is Lauren and I am a mother of 4, certified Lamaze childbirth educator, and birth + postpartum doula. I have been working with expecting families for over 5 years to help them prepare for birth and postpartum. To me, birth is an important life event that has tremendous emotional and social impact and it is crucial that expectant families are prepared and supported throughout the stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with clients as they embark on this transition to parenthood.

As a certified Body Ready Method® pro, I have the tools to help you understand the changes happening in your body during pregnancy and prepare yourself physically for the birth process and postpartum recovery. Please reach out if you are interested in working together so we can setup a time to connect!

Jaimie Kurzinger

As a birth doula, I am passionate about helping families have a wonderful birth experience through knowledge and movement. Through my training with Body Ready Method® I believe it will allow for a better and more comfortable experience during pregnancy, labor & birth, as well as a smoother postpartum recovery.

Nissa Andrews

I am a devoted doula, childbirth educator, and proud mother to four beautiful children, all born at home. With a legacy of home births tracing back through my own upbringing as one of six siblings, my passion for the miracle of childbirth runs deep in my veins. I’m on a mission to empower expecting mothers to embrace their journey with confidence and joy. I specialize in equipping mothers-to-be with the physical and emotional tools necessary to navigate pregnancy and birth smoothly. With BRM®, I’ve acquired a unique understanding of the body’s intricate patterns and rhythms, allowing me to tailor individualized exercises that promote balance and optimize your physical readiness for the miracle of birth. Together, let’s embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood, ensuring your birth experience is filled with empowerment, support, ease and boundless joy.

Alison Spath

I have been a birth doula and prenatal yoga teacher for 10 years. I am delighted to help my clients prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for their birth. I am also an IBCLC and work as a lactation consultant in private practice. Birth impacts breastfeeding, I am honored to support families through either or both of these important experiences in their mothering and parenting journeys.

Jackie Candido

I have been a certified nurse midwife since 2015. Currently I work with Midwives of New Jersey, where I provide full spectrum prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecology care. I catch babies in a variety of settings – at home, at a freestanding birth center (Our Birthing Center in Morristown) and at Morristown Hospital. Frustrated with so many of my clients, friends, and family having difficult labors and births due to fetal malposition, I became a certified BRM® pro to gain more knowledge in promoting physiologic birth, increasing comfort during and after pregnancy, and promoting proper recovery from pregnancy.

Roxanne Anderson

Midwife since 1989 with 800 births of experience, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) since 2022. I love supporting folks wholistically throughout the seasons of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. I offer comprehensive concierge home care and home birth services that intergrate the Body Ready Method® into each. My passion is providing nurturing care that addresses both physical and emotional needs. I have a low volume practice that allows each of my clients plenty of individual time and Body Ready Method® instruction. Looking forward to meeting you!

Diana van Loo-Karsijns

Passionate about helping people go through life with more ease and joy, I joined BRM® since I felt that was the part I was missing in my work as a doula. My interest in bodywork started as a sports masseuse, while my love for the human mind and character found its way into my study of psychology.

BRM® was the missing part that binds it all together in the birthing world. I am determined to help make the birthing experience a good one!

Ellen Hsu

I have enjoyed seeing parents-to-be learning and applying knowledge in their own birth. Body Ready Method® has equipped me to be able to offer more tools for my clients from pregnancy to birth and postpartum.

I have witnessed how my clients change from the inside out! I see the pride and confidence not just in mothers but also fathers. It’s magic to see how this advanced knowledge changes birth and its experience.

Barbara Murray

I am an endorsed midwife and lactation consultant. I work with women and families who are planning to birth at home but also in the hospital. I love functional movement and using this in my work as a midwife to achieve better pregnancy and birth outcomes is just so exciting.

I offer the full range of maternity care as a private midwife this includes birthing at home. I also offer breastfeeding consultations as a lactation consultant

Cheryl DeNese Scaff

I am a compassionate, experienced certified nurse midwife CPM with over 35 years in women’s care.

Reach out to me for the support and guidance you deserve for your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and all seasons of your life. With skill, wisdom, and gentleness I will lead and guide you on your path of change.

Viktoria Abramov

As a doula and mother of 2, I saw how the world perceived birth as something medical that needed constant assistance and very little patience.

I decided to not only help women get their power back, make informed decisions, and be a nonjudgmental, emotional rock for them that they can lean on – but also help them physiologically with BRM®, so that their mind, soul, and body could connect as one and minimize aches and pains during pregnancy, and also have a more efficient birth.

Katy White

I have been inspired by labor and birth for most of my life. After my journey through a long labor ending in an emergency c-section, postpartum anxiety, and then a successful VBAC, my passion for advocating for women through the perinatal period exploded.

Becoming a certified BRM® pro set even more fire to this passion, and I am thrilled to be able to share these tools with pregnant people! I am a DONA-certified birth and postpartum doula, and I have experience with intervention-free birth, multiples, and VBA(2)C. I would be honored to journey with you and empower you to have values-grounded and anatomy-centered labor, birth, and postpartum!

Joyce Havinga-Droop

Transplanted from the Netherlands to New York over 20 years ago. I am a certified holistic birth doula with more than a decade of experience. I am also a home birth assistant, AHA CPR Instructor, Spinning Babies® parent educator, certified Body Ready Method® pro and GentleBirth instructor.

My strength as a birth doula is that I grew up in a world where labor and birth were considered normal, and pregnancy and birth were celebrated. I have worked with many different cultures. I also speak four languages. BRM® is an amazing tool to assist in creating deeper connections between your body and your brain and build confidence in your strength and intuition as parents.

Anuta Bondarenko

I am a mom of three and a birth doula. I’m also a pre/postnatal movement specialist with over 10 years of experience and an all-around body and natural movement enthusiast.

I’m passionate about helping pregnant people prepare their bodies and minds for a more informed, comfortable, and empowering birthing experience and their life with their new baby. I do my best to customize my work to the unique needs of my clients.

Dr. Charminae N. Barnes

I am Dr. Charminae (pronounced Shar-MEN-A, not Shar-MAINE LOL), & I am the proud owner and creator of CHARMS OF CARE CHIROPRACTIC (C3), a pregnancy & postpartum lifestyle brand that is committed to providing NURTURING chiropractic care to mamas & babies during the PERINATAL EXPERIENCE.

This is a huge part of my soul’s work! It is the place where I get to intently combine chiropractic care with the knowledge & skills that I have acquired from being a birth doula, childbirth educator, and now, a certified Body Ready Method® pro + so much more. This perfect blend provides me with the greatest opportunity to INFORM & EMPOWER each woman to trust her beautiful body by learning how powerful it ALREADY is. AND, at the same time, this allows me to offer quality care that helps to IMPROVE how that body FUNCTIONS during this highly transformative phase of a woman’s life. Such a joy! 😃