Nissa Andrews

Doula, certified BRM® pro

I am a devoted doula, childbirth educator, and proud mother to four beautiful children, all born at home. With a legacy of home births tracing back through my own upbringing as one of six siblings, my passion for the miracle of childbirth runs deep in my veins. I’m on a mission to empower expecting mothers to embrace their journey with confidence and joy. I specialize in equipping mothers-to-be with the physical and emotional tools necessary to navigate pregnancy and birth smoothly. With BRM®, I’ve acquired a unique understanding of the body’s intricate patterns and rhythms, allowing me to tailor individualized exercises that promote balance and optimize your physical readiness for the miracle of birth. Together, let’s embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood, ensuring your birth experience is filled with empowerment, support, ease and boundless joy.