Angela Jenks

Angela Jenks, BRM® Pro, Labor Doula PDCD, Trauma Certified Birth Worker, Hypnobabies-HypnoDoula, Childbirth Educator, LLPC

The doula field calling was a gradual progression as I started supporting friends and family around me as they began their own parenthood journey. During the pregnancy of my 4th child, I dove into and researched doulas and their roles as I was on bed rest and facing a breech delivery.

By applying techniques and the stretches I found researching, I encouraged our son to reposition just before his arrival at 35 weeks. When I saw the posting for the BRM program, I was ecstatic and knew that I needed to be a part of it! From the moment of the first class, I have utilized this program with my clients during pregnancy and labor to ease the birthing process. BRM® for the win!