Betsy Pool

Certified Birth Doula (CBI), Certified BRM® Pro

When I got pregnant with my first, I dove in head first, trying to learn all I could about the nuances of childbirth. I hired a doula and I was SO grateful for that decision!! I gave birth at a free-standing birth center, with the support of her and my spouse.

If it wasn’t for my doula, I know I would not have made it through the marathon of labor! I came away feeling supported and strong. So in 2015, I started the process of becoming certified as a birth doula. My wish is for everyone to be able to bring their baby into the world feeling supported, cared for, and prepared.

I believe in the empowerment that comes from taking charge of your own labor which reveals a deeper strength you didn’t know was there. You deserve a strong support system so that you can have a beautiful birth experience. The BRM Program has given me a deeper understanding of body mechanics and body balance, providing me with skills and tools in which to support my clients in a new in-depth way to reach their goals of a smooth pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time.