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Brigid de Carvalho, Certified BRM® Pro, Pregnancy Bodyworker & Birth Doula

After a traumatic and forcefully painful first birthing experience, I was paralyzed by fear with the idea of birthing naturally again. I wondered to myself if there was more I could have done to have prepared my body better. And so, when I discovered I was pregnant again, just three months postpartum with my first, I decided to delve deep into the bio-mechanics of the birthing woman’s body. I was determined to still have a second homebirth- but this time without fear and the intensity of being unprepared.

I went on to become a Birth Doula because I understood the profound influence & long-term impact a birthing woman’s team had on her pregnancy, labour experience, and most importantly, her understanding of how powerful she really is.

I then studied the Body Ready Method® which changed my entire understanding of all things pregnancy and birth. Finally, someone had designed a method that not only puts the power back into the hands of the birthing woman but also stacks the cards in her favor for a positive birthing and postpartum experience. Since becoming a Body Ready Method® Professional, I have witnessed such a tremendous difference in the labouring and births of the women I am privileged to journey with.

I am in awe of the mystery of birth. It’s such a very sacred life experience.

I endeavor to offer a peaceful, reassuring, and engaging presence to empower birthing women. My desire is to teach them to trust that their bodies were created to give birth and also help them realize that they have options during the birthing experience. My hope is to co-create a brave space where their body and intuition are trusted, their vulnerability is respected, and an embodied and empowered experience is possible- no matter what unfolds!

I value empathy, inclusion, respect, empowerment, and compassionate care and work to ensure my clients have the most positive birth experience possible. I strive to enhance and protect the intimacy of birth and consider it an absolute honor every time I am invited to partner with families in their birth experience. I not only take care of you, but I actually care for you.

Birth presents a tremendous opportunity for women to really explore and treasure their own strengths. But too often, our culture takes this power away from women. It makes them believe that they need to be “saved”. Women are bombarded with fear when it comes to birth. When in reality, women have been so immaculately designed to birth and the deep power that comes from doing so can never be described, only experienced.

My biggest goal and hope is to give that key back to the birthing woman. To rebuild a community of women who believe in themselves and their strength so much so that they light the souls of the generations of birthing women to come.

If this is the story of your heart, I would love to have you journey with me and join this circle of hope.