Caroline Knisley

Caroline Knisley, Doula, BRM® Pro, Essential Oil Birth Consultant

I have always been a birth and baby nerd. After having my own three children and supporting friends and family during their journeys of meeting their new babies in the past years, I wanted to dive deeper into birth work and decided to get certified as a doula.
It is my passion to support families in my community and to make them feel more secure, empowered, and taken care of during this sacred time of pregnancy, birth, and recovery time.
As a Doula, I honor your beliefs surrounding childbirth and support your birth philosophies judgment-free. I will provide you with information and resources that encourages and enables you to make the best choices for you, your family, and for your baby.
As you tune in with your body and prepare for the arrival of your baby, it is my priority to be present in each moment with love and a positive and grounding energy to keep you, your partner, and your birthing space peaceful, safe, and calm.
I deeply believe in using balance and movement in the pregnant body to find resilience, strength, and mobility during pregnancy, and during labor to help the baby find its optimal position for a more efficient birth and smoother recovery time.
As a BRMsm Pro, I am here to support your desires and goals and help you prepare your pregnant body in a more holistic way to remain strong and functional during your journey of meeting your new baby and beyond.
Additionally, if you are looking for a more natural option to help keep your mind and body calm and grounded during labor, I am able to provide you with personal
aromatic recommendations for the top ten essential oils recommended in birth.
I am a native German and am excited to offer my services in German and English.