Cathy Gomez, headshot in black and white

Cathy Gomez "Doula Cat", RN, CLEC, Yoga 200 with prenatal and restorative certifications, Birth Doula CD(DONA), MBCP CBE, Certified BRM® Pro, Reiki Master

I believe the journey through pregnancy, childbirth and into parenthood is a transformative experience and is truly unique for each birthing person and their baby. I love how Lindsay McCoy, co-founder of Body Ready Method® (BRM®) and One Strong Mama (OSM), summarizes this uniqueness as, “birth is predictably unpredictable” along with acknowledging the incredible physical and emotional changes that happen, too. As your birth doula, I honor this uniqueness and provide evidence-based information and tools from various comprehensive trainings that guide you to help optimize your birth experience, promote informed decision making, and cultivate a sense of self-trust, self-confidence and ease through your journey and into parenthood.

I have attended births in a variety of settings (hospitals, birth centers, and at home) supporting the preferences and intentions of each family while also being trauma-informed and culturally sensitive to the needs of the unique family unit. I offer childbirth education through Mindful Based Childbirth and Parenting, lactation support, prenatal yoga, reiki, and ongoing resources for birth preparation and postpartum recovery. Through my yoga certification, past nursing experience, and 5 years of doula practice, I developed a passion for movement and body mechanics. This passion led me to complete my certification to be a BRM® Pro.

As a Certified BRM® Pro, I am excited to go deeper and help empower you as a birthing person to increase your awareness of how your unique daily movement and living patterns can impact your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing. I provide one-on-one individualized body alignment assessments and offer tools designed to promote balance within your body, create space for your baby, and help to prevent common pregnancy discomforts. My goal is to help you find ways to optimize your birth experience and enhance your postpartum recovery.

The individual guidance that I offer as a BRM® Pro ties directly into the OSM online program which is a wonderful way to have consistent, safe, and convenient practice within the comforts of your own home. I am excited to be a part of shifting the paradigm of prenatal prep and birth care, and I look forward to working with you!