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Christine Cassella

Christine Cassella

Christine Cassella, Certified BRM® PRO, Doula, Student CPM, LCCE

Christine is a mother of two young girls and has a broad background including training as a behavioral biologist, certified herbalist, doula, and student midwife. Christine has been passionate about reproductive health and natural living throughout her life, but truly began to see the importance of an empowered pregnancy and childbirth when she was pregnant with her first child. It is her belief that birth is a pivotal time during a childbearing person’s life to claim their power, find their truth, and emerge as a new parent prepared to face all the challenges and joys that arise.

Christine’s diverse skill set allows her to provide client care that is both evidence-based, intuitive, and parent-centered.

Christine has special interests in teaching birthing people and their families how they can thrive using herbal remedies, and she is particularly interested in supporting parents desiring natural birth at home or hospital. She is a safe and inclusive doula for parents of all backgrounds and orientations.

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