Dianne Cesarotti

Doula, CBE-ICEA, certified BRM® pro

I was drawn into birth work after the birth of my first child. Being well supported through the experience it seemed a natural thing to want to support others in the same way. I spent most of my life engaged in volunteer and humanitarian work which took me to many parts of the world. In my various communities, I ended up being the person to go to when birth was at hand and I played various roles from sometimes being the lay midwife, to being the assistant, the doula, the educator, just whatever was needed.

I have always considered supporting birth in whatever way was needed to be a great honor. Living, serving, and giving birth in various countries also helped shape my experience and views of birth. I am the mother of nine grown children, born in six different countries. Recently trained and certified as a Body Ready Method® pro. I look forward to sharing this knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and how a balanced body can facilitate birth. The connectivity and intelligence within our bodies, in fact within all nature is truly remarkable.