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Feyza Celik

Feyza Celik

Feyza Celik, Certified BRM® Pro, Doula, Parent Mentor

Feyza is a birth doula, parent mentor, and breastfeeding counselor. Her journey to Body Ready Method was inspired by her deep desire to find answers regarding her own difficult births. She is passionate about providing non-judgmental and compassionate support to pregnant parents, and that is why she is here. In addition to her BRM® training, her other niche is in infant mental health.

This support is for anyone who wants to prepare for a parenting journey that recognizes the neurobiology of stress and trauma for infants and children, as informed by the Aware Parenting Institute, founded by developmental psychologist Dr. Aletha Solter. Feyza currently lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and children.

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