Heidi Duncan

Certified BRM® Pro, Certified Birth Doula, ​Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer

From the beginning of my journey into birth work, I’ve wanted to know *why and how* bodies work the way they do. I’ve gathered various birth positioning tricks over the last 20+ years, but at a certain point, I wondered if I could do things proactively with my clients during pregnancy to avoid needing those troubleshooting skills during labor.

That’s what led me to become a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator and then an Active Certified Body Ready Method® Pro. Between the two, I’m now helping my clients learn *why and how* they can prepare their bodies for birth. The techniques I’ve learned from BRM® let me focus on the needs of each client, seeing what their challenges are and giving them personalized tools to use right away. I’m looking forward to lots of fun prenatal prep and hopefully having more straightforward births!