Registered nurse, certified lactation specialist, Spinning Babies® aware practitioner, BRM® pro, craniosacral therapist, continuing education course instructor, certified BRM® pro

As a nurse, I have been intrigued by the body’s natural mechanics, movement patterns, and body alignment. My skills and experience include working with many clients and families, of all ages, with and without medical conditions. My journey has led me to gain extensive training to understand how to support all bodies to find optimal balance and alignment, to gain resilience, strength, and mobility.

My nurturing, hands-on approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care centers on facilitating the best possible experience and memories, for every client and their family. I also aim to create safe spaces to support the mind, body, and spirit; through respectful care, education, emotional support, bodywork/body balancing, comfort measures, and encouraging self-advocacy. Clients often experience a profound sense of lightness, calm, and relaxation after a session. Other benefits may include improved flexibility, circulation, nerve function, and energy distribution throughout your body.