Jo Ann Bishop, headshot

CD/PCD(DONA), Spinning Babies® aware practitioner, IABLE breastfeeding champion, certified BRM® pro

As your birth doula, I am sensitive to your vision for your birth and serve you without my own agenda, to support you through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. You benefit from my mature experience as you prepare for this sacred event in your life. I’m dedicated to supporting you with the most current, evidence-based methods of preparing you and your partner for your journey. I’m available to work with you virtually anywhere in the USA. I’ll remind you that your body was designed to birth your baby and you can do it!

Investing energy in yourself to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for birth can greatly impact your overall childbirth experience and healing postpartum. Evidence shows having doula support as you prepare for birth reduces the use of interventions and cesarean and increases overall satisfaction with the birth. As your doula, I walk the journey with you and guide you through evidence-based practices that will prepare your body including recommending you partake in the Body Ready Prenatal program. During your prenatal visits, you’ll receive childbirth education and develop your birth vision plan. You’ll be informed of your choices as well as practice comfort measures and laboring positions to bring your baby earthside. Hardcopy materials will be provided for our review at your visits in addition to you having access to my Birth and Postpartum Resource Libraries online. I’ll also connect you with resources you may benefit from. You can also take advantage of a Body Ready Method® alignment assessment to maximize your Body Ready Prenatal workouts.