Body Ready Method
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Kiva Celeste

Holistic Doula, RN, Massage Therapist, certified BRM® pro

I am a holistic doula, registered nurse, massage therapist, advocate, and certified BRM® pro. I offer my services through Kiva Celeste Birth Consulting either as a la carte sessions or incorporated into my Holistic Doula package. Learning and applying the Body Ready Method approach has enabled me to offer more customized and effective assessments and recommendations for supporting you through optimal pregnancy and birth and into your postpartum experience.

I view pregnancy, birth, and parenthood as a sacred journey and I trust the physiological process of birth. As part of your chosen team, I am passionate about helping you access the resources you need in order to make informed and embodied decisions, connect with your inner wisdom and instincts, and trust your body. My mother-centered approach is rooted in attuned listening, connection with nature, and the art of being present. I look forward to meeting you!