Leslie Matos 880x945

BRM® Pro, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Certified Birth Doula

Fear starts in the mind but quickly manifests in the physical, and I have seen its vicious hold in the birth room. However, fear can be overcome mentally and physically; my goal is to equip women to do just that! Let’s birth without fear and with faith in our bodies & in God. While the spiritual piece grew in the secret place, it was learning the Body Ready Method that built my confidence in knowing what to do when at birth to physically help labor progress.

Now, as a certified BRM® Pro, breastfeeding counselor, and doula, I aim to help parents-to-be do the internal and external preparation for a more efficient & positive birth experience. As a disciple, wife, mom, and bilingual (Spanish) doula, my faith-based birth work centers on helping women prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for all aspects of motherhood. So regardless of which aspect you need help preparing for, I would be humbled to serve you and your family during this pregnancy.