Raya Sagdejeva

Raya Sagdejeva, BRM ® Pro, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Raya trained with DONA and became a Birth and Postpartum doula in 2019. Lacking needed support during her own journey into parenthood during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, she understood the difference that a doula could have made – and was inspired to be that person for others.

Through her personal (and ongoing) journey to improve wellbeing – Raya had an awareness of the power of body mechanics to either improve or worsen dysfunction. Raya had an intuition that this could be applied to what many of her clients seemed to go through pre and post-pregnancy.

Coming across BRM was like finding a goldmine of explanations, tips, and tools that Raya could pass on to her clients at every stage she works with people – in pregnancy to feel better in their body and prepare for birth – during birth to allow for smoother labor – and postpartum to improve recovery.

Raya can’t wait to use her expanded knowledge of doula care with families in the years to come to help more and more families have amazing experiences as they welcome new babies into their lives.