Sandy Kalek

Sandy Kalek, Certified BRM® Pro, Childbirth educator and Doula

I am excited to be certified in this amazing program!

It incorporates strategies and functional tools that you never even knew existed to support you in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond. This program aims to minimize discomforts and strengthen the body with balancing techniques for optimal functional body wellness in 5 areas: the pelvis, upper body, core, pelvic floor, and movement patterns.
Working with me, pregnant people will experience sessions that:

  • are well-versed in anatomy specific to pregnancy and birth
  • prep the body for birth during pregnancy as well as an easier recovery
  • prevent or address the top pregnancy symptoms such as DR, SPD, and shortness of breath
  • teach tools that can decrease pushing time during labor
  • center how to MOVE during pregnancy to optimize fetal positioning and decrease pregnancy pains
  • teach positions that naturally progress labor, delaying or replacing the need for medical interventions

Let’s work together to balance for a supportive, supple, body that comes together to support you physically.