Sarah Mouat

Yoga 500 BWY diploma, prenatal yoga BWY, full spectrum doula, NCT breastfeeding peer supporter, 3 step rewind practitioner, certified BRM® pro

My background is in hatha yoga which I’ve been teaching for 6 years. Breath retraining, functional yoga, fascial trains, and bio tensegrity are all embedded in my courses. I was drawn to the BRM® method because I love to work with clients from the early weeks of pregnancy and really dive deep into their particular movement patterns and physiology.

I support all births but feel a special connection with those looking for that beautiful healing birth. I offer movement sessions for the birthing person and also sessions with the birth partner so that everyone can build their confidence in the birthing body’s abilities, learn techniques, release fears, and let go of inhibitions so that they may have the best chance of having the birth they want.