Shayne Henderson

Registered massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, Birth Story guide, Restore Your Core® teacher, certified BRM® pro

As a massage and movement therapist for over 20 years, my passion has always been women’s health. My own journey into motherhood brought new levels of awareness in just how little support there is for women navigating pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnancy and birth are such natural and beautiful processes and I find that too often they are viewed through a ‘problem to solve’ lens versus supported in a caring, holistic, and grounded way.

My approach is always to honour the body, mind, and soul of the mother. To listen and fill in the gaps where needed. To provide resources and methods of connecting with intuitive wisdom, optimizing the body for all of the shifts and physicality, and educating in ways to advocate for autonomy.

Being a certified BRM® pro and bringing the Body Ready Method® into my sessions is such a powerful piece to creating a deep connection with your physical, mental, and emotional capacity during birth. Knowledge is always power, and the BRM® method is an incredible way to integrate movement so that you connect with the inner wisdom within.