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Shoshie Ashlag

Shoshie Ashlag, Doula, Reflexology, Massage Therapist, NRP, BR, Spinning Babies, BRM® pro

My name is Shoshie Ashlag
Being a doula is my passion, as a mother of six boys and one daughter with a family full of grandchildren which I’ve been at all of their beautiful births. Looking forward to becoming a midwife in the near future.

For over twenty years I’ve practiced as a doula massage healing therapist, sex educator, spinning babies, hypnobirthing, dancing at births, NRP, doula mentor, lactation consultant, and much much more. I’ve been open to learning new techniques anything for my moms and babies and also doing reflexology to help women’s bodies relax and prepare themselves for labor. I find myself empowered by BRM giving me this great opportunity to enhance more of my knowledge and my expertise to gain more valuable experience, I emphasize my devotion to my clients, supporting a very calm and loving environment to have lots of patients in every and any type of circumstance.

My desire is to transform each woman physically and emotionally to have an empowering beautiful positive experience, my focus is on giving the ultimate experience to moms and clients, being reliable full of care and respectfulness to all parties preserving confidentiality, I do postpartum visits helping moms with all their needs including lactation support seeing and making sure that they are getting the proper rest and taking care of I give myself with all my heart to my clients and their families to be support throughout, giving me the ultimate joy to be able to be there for all my moms helping women with their bodies, and being there for moms at birth every time gets me emotionally excited from the beginning. Looking forward to cohort 2

  Movement Pro Bodyworker Doula Lactation VBAC Postpartum