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Occupational therapist, pelvic floor therapist, personal trainer, certified BRM® pro

I am an occupational therapist and pelvic floor therapist. I am also a personal trainer specialized with the perinatal population. I am passionate about helping women prepare for birth whether it be with or without an epidural, VBAC, exercise during pregnancy and recover postpartum.

Training as a BRM® pro complements everything I do and sets the foundation for the birth prep work I do with my clients. The Body Ready Method® gave me a deeper understanding of anatomy, muscular imbalances, and exercise science and how it applies to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I use BRM® tools with my clients to optimize mobility and strength to support pregnancy and the birth experience. I am also excited to be a Body Ready Birth Teacher and teach birthers and their partners about the most effective birth positions and how to optimize the chances for an easier birth!