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Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober
Episode 17

The Enneagram of Pregnancy+Birth

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober in conversation with Lindsay McCoy

Summary of show:

The Enneagram is an amazing personality tool that can be used to help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with others. It is also an excellent personal development tool. In this episode, we talk to Enneagram expert, Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober, who deep dives into how each Enneagram type may handle the experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. We also talk about how helpful the Enneagram is for the birthworker- both knowing their own type and knowing their clients types. This episode may help you break away from limiting behaviors and allow your best version of yourself shine through your pregnancy and birth journey.

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

After graduating with a B.S. in Psychology, Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober decided to start her own retail business at the age of 22 and successfully ran it for 5 years. However, something was missing. She decided to go back to school to receive her M.A. in Community Psychology and Social Change.

Helping others is her life goal. She lives for helping others and giving back. And that’s why she decided to become a certified enneagram coach. She believes in the value of living up to your full potential. The value of discovering pieces of yourself that you didn’t know existed. The value of strengthening the ways you interact with others. 

Website: Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

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