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Episode 18 4/7/2023

Our fourth birth- Trauma, personal triumphs and finding community

with Lindsay and Matt McCoy

Unplanned pregnancy, Lindsay McCoy talks fourth birth

My husband, Matt McCoy, joins me again to share all about our 4th (surprise!) birth. Our final birth story unravels as a completely unplanned pregnancy. After our 3rd baby was born with a critical congenital heart defect that required a lot of medical care including open heart surgery at 2 months old, we were surprised to find out we were expecting again.

We had to work through the trauma of that 3rd birth experience going into our next experience. We talk through the depression that Matt was struggling with at the time. You’ll hear about some strategies we used to be able to come together and support one another during a stressful and challenging season of life. Matt sheds some light on how to support your partner when you are not your best self either. And, we discuss how a good birth team will not only support the birthing person but support the partners too.

Although this was an unplanned pregnancy, this time we had such a strong community supporting us. I truly had a hard time picking a doula and a midwife! Listen in to hear why we went with a different midwife this time and what was the deciding factor when choosing one.

You’ll also hear some never before shared tidbits about the beginning of Body Ready Method®. Including my best attempt at creating videos during that pregnancy. I also share about my experience breastfeeding through a pregnancy, going post dates (again), afterpains and more! Yes seasoned doulas struggle with afterpains too!

Matt also shares a golden nugget of advice for partners working 9-5 jobs. And, talks about the importance of showing up as much as possible in the postpartum period. We discuss how we were able to divide our responsibilities during this unplanned pregnancy according to what worked best for our family. You really get a good look behind the curtain in this one!

About the Guest

Matt and I have been together since 2003 and have 4 children together, ages 15, 13, 10 and 7. While I was busy building my knowledge, skills, and understanding- what would eventually become Body Ready Method®, Matt was working tirelessly to support that vision. Truly, none of this would exist without the support of my amazing partner. It truly takes a special person to be the partner of a birth pro and in this part 1 of what will be a series of episodes with Matt, you will get a peek behind the curtain, if you will. Matt is also working on his debut novel which is slated to be released in Spring 2023. Exciting time!

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Show Notes: Death of a Song Bird by M.R. McCoy


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