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Evolution of birthwork with Adrienne Caldwell
Episode 19

Evolution of birthwork and the power of working together

Adrienne Caldwell in conversation with Lindsay McCoy

Summary of show:

What happens when two longtime birth and body workers get together and hit record? Magic, I tell you! Listen in on a very candid conversation on the evolution of birthwork, bodywork within different populations and breech baby.

Adrienne Caldwell is faculty for the Body Ready Method® our professional training for birth pros and an absolute genius bodyworker. Overall she has helped thousands of families prepare their bodies, find balance, and help breech babies find their best position for birth. We couldn’t be more excited to have her on the podcast for round two!

Adrienne and I have been in the same birth circles for over 15 years! Back in the day we would often share clients. They would come to me for doula support and exercise and Adrienne for bodywork. Adrienne was at the top of my list for BRM® faculty.

Listen in as we chat about the importance and relationship between exercise and bodywork and how the same conditions may be caused by different reasons in different bodies. Because, as we know it is not a one size fits all when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Each birth is so different. How we support the birthing person truly depends upon how they give birth! From unmedicated births to epidural birth and also cesarean births, every birthing person needs and deserves proactive prep during pregnancy and unconditional support during birth.

We then touch on how everything is ALL connected in the human body going into a deep discussion on breech birth and the efforts to normalize and support them by OBs around the world.

And, we don’t stop there! We also chat about the best approach to shifting the paradigm of childbirth, birthing in the modern world, athletic bodies preparing for birth, and the soft tissues of the body that give it its shape.

Birth nerds? This is truly a treasure trove of helpful information. From the evolution of birthwork to the niche topic of pregnancy within the athlete population. You won’t want to miss it!

Evolution of birthwork with Adrienne Caldwell

Adrienne Caldwell

Adrienne Caldwell is certified in prenatal and postpartum massage and bodywork, orthopedic integrated manual therapy, reflexology, and chair massage. They have been an educator for 25 years, a professional bodyworker for 15 years, and a prenatal specialist for 9 years. Adrienne is well known in the Twin Cities birth community as the go-to bodyworker and educator for all things preparing the body for birth, spinning breech babies, and so much more! They bring a deep level of understanding of the body.
Website: Adrienne Caldwell

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Got a question around pregnancy, birth or postpartum?
Maybe a guest you’d like to have on the show?

Got a question around pregnancy, birth or postpartum?
Maybe a guest you’d like to have on the show?

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