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Mayte Noguez
Episode 19

Womb Care

Mayte Noguez in conversation with Lindsay McCoy

Summary of show:

Mayte the Womb Doula is a traditional Sobadora, who was taught by her Abuelitas beginning at the age of 5 and mentored until she was given the blessing to serve on her own, she has been doing so for 19 years. This knowledge lives in her lineage and was passed to her directly. She now cares for others in Dallas, Texas at a local community centered wellness center called, Our Wellness Community.

In today’s episode we learn all about the traditional practice of Sobada. Which is a practice that aligns abdominal organs to stimulate overall health and especially that of the womb. The stimulation balances the uterus, bladder and ovaries. It allows diaphragmatic release and aids in digestion and improves pelvic floor stability. Many clients seek Mayte’s care for the amazing results in fertility, scar tissue reduction, or special conditions such as fibroids, cysts, hormonal imbalances or painful menstruation amongst others. Listen to this episode to learn more about this amazing practice and what it might be beneficial for.

Mayte Noguez

Mayte Noguez

Mayte Noguez was born in Mexico but was raised in Crystal Lake, Illinois where she lived until the age of 15 when she moved to Dallas, Texas. She is the oldest of two and was raised by a single father. Mayte has a beautiful family of 5, married to the love of her life with two boys, Xhavier, Evan and Violeta her youngest girl and another on the way. She began to learn womb care at the age of 7, with 19 years of experience. At the age of 21 she began her Doula practice when she began integrating her culture and care into her work.

Website: Our Wellness Community

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