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Episode 26

Demystifying the world of physiological pregnancy and birth

Adriana Lozada in conversation with Lindsay McCoy

Summary of show:

In this episode, Adriana Lozada of the Birthful podcast joins us to jam out on all things physiological pregnancy prep and birth support. What does the term “physiological birth” even mean? How do our minds influence our physiology? How do chemicals influence our physiology? And, what is considered an intervention. Does more technology equal a “safer” birth? Is a home birth the only way to have a physiological birth? And, what is the role of the doula in supporting a physiological birth? Statistics show having a doula in the birthing space improves birth outcomes. What is the superpower that doulas specifically bring to the birth?

Adriana talks about her own birth. She mentions how it went well ‘on paper’, but it was not the experience she desired. She talks about the importance of internal work i.e the mindset along with the external work. Everything else we do will not help if we are not equipped with the mental tools we need to have a safe and calm birth.

In addition, we discuss the importance of hormones. Especially unhindered flow of the oxytocin in labor and how the modern day birthing environment is inhibiting it. We discuss inhibitors such as the pressure of giving birth on or before the due date, continuous electronic fetal monitoring during labor for low risk birthers, and the importance of surrendering to your intuition for physiological birth.

In this episode Adriana really breaks it down into actionable ways we, as birth workers and families, work towards getting the pregnancy, birth and recovery desired.

BRM Podcast - Headshot creatives

Adriana Lozada

With over 17 years of experience, Adriana is a certified advanced birth doula, perinatal educator, sleep consultant, somatic attachment practitioner, bestselling author, and host of the acclaimed Birthful podcast. As a speaker and birth advocate, Adriana is on a mission to dismantle the commonly-used and externally-focused birth model that expects learned compliance, by replacing it with a template that truly supports birth physiology and promotes birth ownership.
Adriana Lozada’s background is a multi-layered and multi-cultural tapestry of adventure woven from her time lived in Venezuela, Japan, Canada, Germany, and Brazil (as well as on a sailboat!). A former co-founder and CCO of Spanish language youth media companies, the birth of her daughter sparked her passion for becoming a perinatal advocate.


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Got a question around pregnancy, birth or postpartum?
Maybe a guest you’d like to have on the show?

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