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Episode 5 03/04/2022

The evolution of Diastasis Recti treatment

with Munira Hudani

Munira Hudani-Diastasis Recti Treatment

On today’s episode, Munira Hudani joins us to talk about the evolution of diastasis recti treatment. Our understanding of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and evidence based treatment approaches has been evolving throughout the years. The pendulum has swung from the days of wrapping a towel around the midsection and crunching to avoiding movement altogether in fear of making things worse to where we are at today: a more holistic diastasis recti treatment approach.

Munira Hudani is a game changing diastasis rehab physio that is leading the charge in this more holistic understanding of how to approach diastasis recti. Join us and hear from Munia Hudani about how treatment protocols have progressed through the years and take a look at the most up to date approach to diastasis recti treatment.

Munira Hudani is a highly sought after Pre- and Post-Natal Physiotherapist situated in Canada, and is emerging as a leading physiotherapist for the management of Diastasis Rectus Abdominis. In her professional practice, clients and colleagues commonly refer to Munira as the “Diastasis Guru” and a “Diastasis Genius.”

After years of frustration in landing inconsistent results with her clients, and the dissatisfaction in having to say “we just don’t have enough research right now,” Munira began to challenge the conventional method to managing DRA. She realized that part of the inconsistent results came down to how DRA was being conceptualized.

With several tweaks to her approach, she started practicing with a different set of principles and this translated into improved outcomes. She has now compiled all of her knowledge and experience into a new framework that revolutionizes how we conceptualize, assess and manage DRA.

Munira is passionately committed to transferring this knowledge to both professionals and patients so they can finally make sense of the steps to take when navigating diastasis recti treatment.

Website: Munira Hudani PT
Instagam: @munirahudanipt
Facebook: Diastasis Rehab Physio
Show notes: Tummy Tuck Rehab | @tummytuckrehab

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