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Episode 8 6/17/2022

Fatphobia in maternity care

with Brooke Patmor

Brooke Patmore (they/them), childbirth educator and full-spectrum birth worker

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that allows for fatphobia. Where mocking larger bodies is socially acceptable. A culture that glorifies a certain body type as the epitome of “health.” This has created a lot of issues in maternal health care, and healthcare as a whole. This also makes those living in larger bodies feel as if their size correlates to their health. This causes internalized fatphobia, thinking that all their ailments are due to their size. “Just lose weight,” they are often told. The weight stigma in the medical system often shames larger bodied folks into not receiving the care they really need.

Brooke discusses how fatphobia affects not only larger people, but all of us in some way or the other. A lot of people constantly live under the stress of gaining weight and often may resort to fad diets to fit in, causing adverse health outcomes. Because let’s be honest, most of those fad diets are not about health, but about being smaller. Brooke joins us to discuss how it is never okay to discuss and police someone’s body size. Especially not while they are pregnant or postpartum, being in an already vulnerable state.

So what is really going on? And is it really just that they need to lose weight? Does “optimal” weight really equate to health? If a pregnancy is labeled as high risk only because of the birther’s BMI then is it really considered evidence-based? And where did the BMI even come from? Join this revealing episode with the amazing Brooke Patmor to learn more about fatphobia. We discuss the barriers faced by large bodies in the birthing world; what is really going on, how to be size inclusive in birth work and how we can support our larger bodied clients better.

About the Guest

Brooke Patmor (they/them) is a full-time, full-spectrum birth worker, childbirth educator, group facilitator and co-founder of the BORN Collective working in occupied Ohlone territory otherwise known as the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a white, queer, fat, neurodivergent, non-binary person themselves, Brooke is dedicated to offering inclusive care with a trauma-informed, anti-racist, and social justice framework. They support people in ALL bodies, ALL identities and different family structures through ALL birth outcomes including abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

Website: BORN Collective

Instagram: @borncollectivesf@thedykedoula

Show notes: Fearing the Black Body: Racial Origins of Fat Phobia 

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