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Episode 13 11/4/2022

Labor Flow State: A birth-ready mindset

with Lindsay McCoy

Labor State Flow: Preparing the mind for birth

Have you ever heard of the flow state? Have you ever felt “in the zone?” That zone where you seem to have effortless momentum. Where time seems to melt away and you are just flowing? Maybe you were running a race, writing, or doing artwork. Maybe you’ve also felt what it feels like to be out of “the zone”. Where everything just feels more challenging and you just can’t seem to find your flow. This is a researched state of being known as the flow state. Research has identified how to get into the flow and stay in the flow. It has also identified what keeps us out of the flow.

Also, did you know that we can use the flow state and the research behind it to have a better birth? When we are able to get in and stay in our labor flow state during birth, not only do we have more access to our intuition to know what to do, we also have access to more natural pain relief. In this episode we dive into three main things that can help or hinder the birthing person’s labor flow state.


As a birth pro, there are things you can do during a birth to help your client stay in their flow. Ask yourself, ‘what are some things that could be a great distraction to my client’s labor flow state?’ ‘How can I minimize these distractions?’ ‘How can I help them get back into the flow?’

As for my birthing friends, take some time during your pregnancy! Think of the things that would make you feel really good in your birthing space. Make a list of these things and share it with your birth team. I’ve seen it all. From adding twinkle lights around the birth room to covering the clocks. Nothing is too out of the box, we need to do what makes sense to us.

Overall, getting into the labor flow state is something that we can prepare for and should prepare for. Listen to this episode to learn how to prepare in pregnancy and what to do in birth to find and stay in the flow!

About the Guest

Hey, I’m Lindsay McCoy and a mother of four! My passion is pregnancy and birth. It must be in my blood because I come from a big family of Labor and Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs! Birth talk was dinner talk in my house. I believe that I have a unique skill set as an Exercise Physiologist who has not only spent years learning about exercise and movement but specifically how exercise and movement relate to pregnancy and birth. Beyond that, I have worked with hundreds of families as both a childbirth educator and a birth doula.

I believe that going through the entire process with families really gives me skills that cannot be obtained in a book or gleaned from a website. I believe that pregnant people deserve to feel strong, beautiful and empowered through pregnancy and birth. I believe that people do not have to “just deal” with back pain and sneeze pee just because they’ve experienced pregnancy and birth. I believe in the power of the amazing transformation that is becoming a parent, whether the first time or the twelfth and whether unmedicated, medicated or surgically. I believe in parents and I truly believe that helping pregnant people is my life’s work. I am passionate about giving pregnant people the tools to have easier pregnancies, births, and recoveries and look forward to working with you to offer this to your clients.

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