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Nikki Johnston
Episode 11

Normalizing and navigating the twists and turns of becoming a parent

Nikki Johnston in conversation with Lindsay McCoy

Summary of show:

In this episode we talk about the twists and turns of becoming a parent with Nikki Johnston Beaudoin. Nikki is a Body Ready Method® pro, expecting mom, and collaborating author of the newly released The Mom Babes, An Anthology of Motherhood.

Nikki gets really vulnerable as she talks through her unique journey to becoming a parent. She discusses her fertility, pregnancy, birth, and recovery journey. She sheds light on the taboo of discussing fertility issues openly and why she thought sharing her own journey will help other people. What does it look like to use holistic support alongside the need for medical intervention? And, how do we as a birth pro and/or birthing person live in that space between? Do we have to choose between one of the two paths, or is there a middle ground?

Nikki is also a pre and post-natal Fitness Specialist who has dealt personally with fertility struggles, premature birth, and at the time of recording was expecting her 2nd child! She discusses her NICU journey with her first baby and talks through what she is doing differently this time and the unique struggles of being an expectant perinatal professional. She also sheds light on how being a Body Ready Method® Pro has changed her perspective towards birth.

We also discuss the power of prenatal prep, and the role of doulas at birth. The presence of a well prepared doula can support the birthing person in many ways to shift the birth environment. As a birth pro, we get so obsessed with the to do’s that we sometimes don’t let ourselves just be. A doula in the birthing room allows us to let go while they do the observing and suggesting. This is a great episode that both birth pros and expecting folks can truly enjoy!

Nikki Johnston

Nikki Johnston Beaudoin

Nikki is a certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist. She is a co-author of The Mom Babes, An Anthology of Motherhood! Her primary mission as a fitness professional is to help all women be their rad, outdoor adventurous selves through fitness. Through workshops, personal training, and online programs, she offers unique ways of safely building fitness foundations, with a focus on the pelvic floor and deep core, to help all Mamas get back to the adventures they yearn for.

Nikki is a lover of outdoor activities, including skiing, mountain biking, hiking, surfing and Stand Up Paddle boarding. She loves to sweat and believes in the power of fitness not only for physical health, but for mental and emotional health.  She is happiest in the woods or on the water, and believes in the holistic benefits of an active lifestyle.

She is passionate about sharing knowledge on wellness, pre and post natal fitness, meditation, nutrition, and yoga. She is an eternal student with an insatiable appetite for knowledge in personal health and wellness, and is committed to life-long learning.

Website: Nikki Fitness

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Got a question around pregnancy, birth or postpartum?
Maybe a guest you’d like to have on the show?

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