What happens if I get behind?

There are planned breaks of 1-2 weeks in length to get caught up between each stage. In addition, you have 2 months from the last live meeting to complete the requirements for training certification or training completion. If you do not successfully complete them within the 2 months, you will need to start the process over including registering and paying for another cohort of the training.

What can I call my classes?

You can not call your offerings (e.g. class, workshop)  “Body Ready Method®” or BRM® or “One Strong Mama or OSM”. However, if you are using information that was learned in this training, you must say that the information comes from the Body Ready Method®. You can also advertise that you are Body Ready Method® certified should you choose to complete the certification requirements.

Do you still feel like our clients need to do OSM if the doula can come prepared with the BRM®?

Not necessarily, no. It is sometimes nice to have because they can just hit play and do the exercises. We have a lot of birth workers who are OSM affiliates so they receive a percent of each sale and we give them a coupon code for $10 off for their clients. But we also get that OSM is not for everyone. Those in BRM® will fully understand the background to do the OSM-type work with their clients but are not able to teach a BRM® or OSM class.

Do you cover all the info in the One Strong Mama program and do participants have access to OSM?

Participants do not have access to OSM. One Strong Mama is our program for pregnant people so it is very much a lay person perspective and does not go into depth with the “why” and does not provide a personalized approach. OSM teaches basics + addresses our full body 5 pillar body ready approach through exercise classes. It is a good one for pregnant people who do not need to teach it to others or understand the physiology, biomechanics, and the “why.” We go way way beyond OSM in the BRM® training.

Do you address release work in a way we can identify it prenatally and give proper personalized techniques to our clients?

Yes, absolutely. But it’s even more than release work. It is addressing the body mechanics, movement patterns, and alignment in order to assess and know what an individual body may need. And then we address it with exercises that are done consistently over time for long-lasting change. A lot of late pregnancy and birth release work is temporary release. So we will teach this temporary release work, but we will be coming at it in a more proactive way by addressing it neuromuscularly to create lasting change in the tissues!

What is an Active BRM® Pro?

An Active BRM® Pro is one who has completed their certification and paid the annual fee. This annual fee allows the pro to be listed in our online directory, use of BRM® logos for marketing and advertising, participation in quarterly coaching calls with Lindsay, the opportunity to apply to become an affiliate for OSM, and BRM®, access to the Active BRM® Pro Portal, and we are planning even more!

Can I get CEUs for the professional certification I maintain?

We are currently offering CEUs from multiple organizations. Please reach out to us and let us know which organization you are interested in receiving CE hours through. We are committed to our mission of having BRM® knowledge available to all pregnant people and allowing for CE approval from multiple governing bodies is part of that mission.