Exercises to Prepare for a C-Section

At Body Ready Method®, we believe that every birth is amazing and beautiful and having worked with many families who have had a cesarean birth, we know that our cesarean parents are freaking rockstars!
What the belly looks like after a c-section
Regardless of the type of birth, your pregnancy and growing baby can cause a lot of stress on your core and pelvic floor. It’s important to give special attention to your deep core system while planning for a cesarean birth to prevent diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction after birth. A lot of the exercise prep work is the same, regardless of the mode of delivery. However, there are certain moves that a person planning a cesarean birth may want to pay special attention to. Here are some of them:

1. Spinal Segmentation

When preparing for an epidural/spinal, it’s very helpful to be able to segment the spine! Pay special attention to spinal flexion (back rounding). As pregnancy progresses, avoid excessive spinal extension, but some is just fine! Having a mobile spine is important for a functional core, as well!

2. Candles/Deep Core activation

It’s so important to connect with your core. On its own, and with movement. Exhale and engage. We teach people how to train their core to be responsive and reflexive. That starts with learning HOW to activate it. This will be very helpful as you learn how to reconnect with your core post cesarean birth. This can help you have a smoother recovery and connect with your core more easily post-birth.

3. Side Bend

Mobility in the trunk is crucial for core (and thereby pelvic floor) health. Make sure you actively resist the movement, as if moving through syrup. Notice the tendency to flop… Deeper isn’t always better!
Group of pregnant women doing Seated Side Bend

4. Hip Hinge + Slide

Getting those glutes and the whole backside long and strong is critical for pelvic floor health. Research shows that you can have pelvic floor dysfunction no matter the mode of delivery – so learn how to have a responsive pelvic floor!
These are some exercises to prepare for a c-section. If you are preparing for a cesarean birth, give these simple moves a try!
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