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This is for any professional working with the pregnant and birthing population who wants to get the “why” and “how” of helping them prepare for a more efficient childbirth.
Absolutely! BRM® will empower you. Do you have questions about what to do during a birth? Do you want to learn techniques to help birth progress? Do you want to offer your clients more and support them during pregnancy? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, sign up today!
Yes! BRM® can help you expand your offerings to include more during pregnancy, building your capacity to problem solve certain issues that come up during pregnancy, and with the proactive approach that BRM takes, hopefully avoid issues during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Sure thing! If you already work with pregnant clients or want to expand your client base to include pregnant people, BRM® is a great way to do this. BRM® will amp up your understanding of what is happening in the pregnant body and equip you with assessment tools and exercises you can use right away.
Yes! This is a really great course for chiropractors as BRM® is very complimentary to chiropractic care and the course will help you expand on your understanding of the pregnant and birthing body to expand your capacity to work with this special population.
Yes, this course is great for childbirth educators. We believe that teaching pregnant families how to prepare the body for birth is an important part of every comprehensive childbirth class. Gaining a deeper understanding of the pregnant and birthing body helps you to educate families.
This course is a combination of asynchronous and live learning opportunities that take place in the virtual setting. The course lasts 5 months with 15 weeks of content and 4 weeks of scheduled breaks. During the 15 weeks of content, there are items to read, videos to watch, and a weekly live session. The live session will be recorded in the event you are not able to join live. There will be quizzes each week that are designed to help you see what you have learned, not to overwhelm you! They are “open book” and you can take them as many times as you need to. Plus, you will have a peer group to support your learning throughout the course.
In order to become a certified BRM® Pro, you must pass all of the quizzes with a minimum score of 80%, participate in all of the live sessions (either joining live or watching the recording), and successfully complete the capstone experience. All of this must be done within 2 months from the final course live and cannot be spread out across multiple courses.
You are welcome to apply for an extension.
Once you complete all requirements, you will be sent a printable certificate, will be invited to the private BRM Facebook group, and are eligible for future trainings as well as discounts on future trainings. If you choose to be an Active BRM® Pro, there are additional benefits.
You will be able to increase what you offer to your clients including BRM® assessments and create individualized plans for your clients to better balance and strengthen their body during pregnancy, which, as you will learn in the certification, positively impacts the birthing experience and postpartum recovery. You will also be able to support your clients during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, offering more than comfort measures! Plus you can use the general BRM® logo and the one that specifies your level of certification.
You cannot create BRM® classes or run BRM® workshops.
If you completed the L1 certification and opt to not complete this training and certification, you keep your L1 certification. You will be granted a waiver to be featured in our online directory and can use marketing materials even if you are not an Active BRM® Pro. If you would like to take advantage of future BRM® courses and levels of certification, you will need to complete this training and certification first.
Yes! In our improved platform, all questions and comments can be posted within the platform. They will be grouped by topic so they will be easier to find and keep up with! Also, you have the opportunity to participate in a study group.
We have a private facebook group for those who have completed a Body Ready Method course. This is a great place to connect with like-minded professionals and gain support from Lindsay and Lauren.
Please ask your questions! The course platform has a place for you to post your questions. If you have a question, it's highly likely that others going through the program will benefit from the response so please post!
We are currently offering CEUs from multiple organizations. Please reach out to us and let us know which organization you are interested in receiving CE hours through. We are committed to our mission of having BRM® knowledge available to all pregnant people and allowing for CE approval from multiple governing bodies is part of that mission.
An Active BRM® Pro is one who has completed their certification and paid the annual fee. This annual fee allows the pro to be listed in our online directory, use of BRM® logos for marketing and advertising, participation in quarterly coaching calls with Lindsay, the opportunity to apply to become an affiliate for OSM, and BRM®, access to the Active BRM® Pro Portal, and we are planning even more!
Yes, absolutely. But it's even more than release work. It is addressing the body mechanics, movement patterns, and alignment in order to assess and know what an individual body may need. And then we address it with exercises that are done consistently over time for long-lasting change. A lot of late pregnancy and birth release work is temporary release. So we will teach this temporary release work, but we will be coming at it in a more proactive way by addressing it neuromuscularly to create lasting change in the tissues!
Participants do not have access to OSM. One Strong Mama is our program for pregnant people so it is very much a lay person perspective and does not go into depth with the "why" and does not provide a personalized approach. OSM teaches basics + addresses our full body 5 pillar body ready approach through exercise classes. It is a good one for pregnant people who do not need to teach it to others or understand the physiology, biomechanics, and the "why." We go way way beyond OSM in the BRM® training.
Not necessarily, no. It is sometimes nice to have because they can just hit play and do the exercises. We have a lot of birth workers who are OSM affiliates so they receive a percent of each sale and we give them a coupon code for $10 off for their clients. But we also get that OSM is not for everyone. Those in BRM® will fully understand the background to do the OSM-type work with their clients but are not able to teach a BRM® or OSM class.
No. If your intention is to teach movement courses you will need an additional qualification. However, you can incorporate this knowledge into your current scope of practice.
This is a continuing education training. If your intention is to become certified as a doula, you will need to seek out additional training.
You can not call your offerings (e.g. class, workshop)  “Body Ready Method®” or BRM® or “One Strong Mama or OSM”. However, if you are using information that was learned in this training, you must say that the information comes from the Body Ready Method®. You can also advertise that you are Body Ready Method® certified should you choose to complete the certification requirements.
There are planned breaks of 1-2 weeks in length to get caught up between each stage. In addition, you have 2 months from the last live meeting to complete the requirements for training certification or training completion. If you do not successfully complete them within the 2 months, you will need to start the process over including registering and paying for another cohort of the training.
If you would like to participate in future cohorts you can do so for a discounted price. You will have lifetime access to your cohort’s class materials.