The OSM Mini Self-Love Challenge

Self-love, outline of arms hugging

This Valentine's Day, carve out time for YOU!

Here at OSM, we get how hard it can be, so we’ve put together a mini challenge to encourage you to prioritize self-love!

  • 2 weeks,
  • 6 workouts,
  • love + support,
  • and amazing prizes!

We believe routine can make anything a habit and we know you can do it.

How to enter

Even though this challenge is focused on doing an OSM prenatal or postpartum program, you can join and use any OSM workout you have access to! And if you give birth during the mini-challenge—CONGRATS!!—you can continue to participate as the immediate postpartum protocol counts!

*If you’re not on IG or Facebook, or have a private account, you can still participate by emailing your post to

Details About your Posts

  • February 14-17, post at least once on IG or Facebook to let us know you’ve accepted the challenge.
  • February 18-28, post at least once again to secure your chance to win!
  • Be creative in your posts – your workout station, selfie, bump, kids joining you, anything!
  • For both posts, ensure you use the hashtag #OSMSelfLoveChallenge to add your post to the dedicated mini-challenge feed. When you search for this unique hashtag, you’ll find others going through the challenge with you to keep you motivated and connected.
  • Also, make sure you tag @onestrongmamaprenatal in both of your posts!

The Prizes

We’ve got some awesome prizes!

On February 28th, when the mini-challenge ends, we’ll check socials and activity trackers. Anyone who qualifies will be automatically entered so make sure to use the hashtag and tag mentioned above!


Winners will be announced by March 4, 2022 via email and social media.

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