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Endlessly searching?

No more looking for answers to your newest symptoms or questions. Everything you need to know, research based and vetted, is available at your fingertips!

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Assuage your fears

Stop fretting over nagging fears and uncertainty. Let us help you be strong for pregnancy and confident for birth!

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The best routines

Relax and let us do all the work for you with a weekly workout plan that is not only tailored to you but safe for pregnancy and/or postpartum. Press play and follow along!

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Be proactive

We can help you stack the cards to minimize the chances of tearing, prolapse, and a miserable postpartum recovery!

Save up to $30 on all the ways we support you

Prenatal care

Expert preparation for your desired birth
$ 157 One time payment, lifetime access
  • Weekly personalized workout videos
  • 3 levels of difficulty to select from
  • Solution for aches and pains
  • Core & pelvic floor prep for birth
Save $20

All In One Bundle

Prenatal + Postpartum Care
$ 197 One time payment, lifetime access
  • Weekly personalized workout videos
  • 3 difficulty levels you can select
  • Train your core & pelvic floor
  • Solutions for aches and pains
  • Birth prep for any type of birth
  • Postpartum recovery starting day 1
Save $30

Postpartum care

A recovery plan to start on day 1
$ 67 One time payment, lifetime access
  • Exercises specific to postpartum healing
  • Personalized workout plan each week
  • Core & pelvic floor recovery
  • Guides to heal scaring and tearing
Save $10