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Our second birth with Lindsay and Matt McCoy

Ep16: Partner Ready: Birth partners need to prep, too!

with Lindsay and Matt McCoy 2/3/2023

In this episode we talk all about birth partner support with my husband, Matt McCoy! We often forget about how overwhelming the journey to baby can be for the partners. Pregnancy, birth and recovery are huge physiological events and it’s really easy for birth partners to feel like a deer caught in headlights and freeze or sink into a corner when things get intense. Many partners want to be involved, but just don’t know how or what to do and just need a bit of extra support and encouragement. But what if we empowered the birth partners? Prepare partners so that they could show up in the way the birther needs them to. What if working together in this way could be a catalyst for even deeper connection. What if it could be a catalyst for your partner finding their flow as a parent (if your birth partner is also your parenting partner). [read more...]

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Our second birth with Lindsay and Matt McCoy

Ep15: Our second birth: How we achieved a profoundly different experience

with Lindsay and Matt McCoy 1/13/2023

On this episode Matt and I chat about our second birth. What a different experience it was! Have you ever had an experience that altered the course of your life so deeply? So profoundly that you knew your life would not be the same without it? Our first wasn’t the experience we’d hoped for. And after this birth, in our own ways, we became obsessed with figuring out why and what could be done differently. Matt, as my birth partner, dived into research to learn more about partner support. I really got into reading and learning more about pregnancy and birth. And, how I could incorporate my background in exercise science into it. This led us to make very different choices for our second birth experience two and a half years later.  And, it led to a profoundly different experience. An experience so deep and profound, an experience so au [read more...]

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First Birth Experience with Lindsay and Matt McCoy

Ep14: Origin Story: Our first birth experience with Lindsay & Matt McCoy

with Lindsay and Matt McCoy 12/9/2022

Join me and my amazing husband, Matt McCoy, as we recount the story of our first pregnancy and birth, from 2006/2007. Picture two young adults who thought they had it all figured out. Who figured “people have been having babies forever, I’m sure we’ll figure it out.” Who wanted a natural first birth, but didn’t really have a plan as to how to get there. At the time, I was finishing up my Exercise Science degree and was teaching almost every fitness class possible. From bootcamp to water aerobics to spinning. You name it, I was teaching it. I read all the right books and even googled “doula near me,” but found none nearby. Needless to say, our first birth didn’t go the way we had hoped. We ended up at the hospital, tubes everywhere and I ended up getting an epidural. When this happened, being the research nerd that I am, I [read more...]

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Labor State Flow: Preparing the mind for birth

Ep13: Labor Flow State: A birth-ready mindset

with Lindsay McCoy 11/4/2022

Have you ever heard of the flow state? Have you ever felt “in the zone?” That zone where you seem to have effortless momentum. Where time seems to melt away and you are just flowing? Maybe you were running a race, writing, or doing artwork. Maybe you’ve also felt what it feels like to be out of “the zone”. Where everything just feels more challenging and you just can’t seem to find your flow. This is a researched state of being known as the flow state. Research has identified how to get into the flow and stay in the flow. It has also identified what keeps us out of the flow. Also, did you know that we can use the flow state and the research behind it to have a better birth? When we are able to get in and stay in our labor flow state during birth, not only do we have more access to our intuition to know what to do, we also have a [read more...]

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Ep12: Being too flexible during birth: How much is too much? With Monika Patel

Ep12: Being too flexible during birth: How much is too much?

with Monika Patel 10/7/2022

Have you ever thought or heard that the best way to have an easier birth is to stretch a lot? Or that flexibility = better birth? Sometimes being too flexible can actually create some problems. While yes, it is important to be mobile, there is a difference between mobility and flexibility. This episode is all about being “too flexible” during pregnancy. We are joined by Physical Therapist and creator of Train4Birth, Monika Patel. Did you know joint laxity increases by about 10% during pregnancy? In this episode, Monika talks about the lack of information on the musculoskeletal changes in pregnancy available to expectant parents especially if they are hypermobile. We chatted about what hypermobility is, how much of a culprit relaxing is, issues that can present themselves during pregnancy and birth, and what we should do about it. Mon [read more...]

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Nikki Johnston on the Pros Talk Pregnancy Podcast

Ep11: Normalizing and navigating the twists and turns of becoming a parent

with Nikki Johnston Beaudoin 9/9/2022

In this episode we talk about the twists and turns of becoming a parent with Nikki Johnston Beaudoin. Nikki is a Body Ready Method® pro, expecting mom, and collaborating author of the newly released The Mom Babes, An Anthology of Motherhood. Nikki gets really vulnerable as she talks through her unique journey to becoming a parent. She discusses her fertility, pregnancy, birth, and recovery journey. She sheds light on the taboo of discussing fertility issues openly and why she thought sharing her own journey will help other people. What does it look like to use holistic support alongside the need for medical intervention? And, how do we as a birth pro and/or birthing person live in that space between? Do we have to choose between one of the two paths, or is there a middle ground? Nikki is also a pre and post-natal Fitness Speci [read more...]

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Ep10: Navigating stress, trauma and the effects of epigenetics for young families, Ashley Makan

Ep10: Navigating stress, trauma and the effects of epigenetics

with Ashley Makan 8/5/2022

Navigating stress. Trauma. Drama... We all deal with it in one way or another. How do our lived experiences and that of our ancestors impact our bodies, our births, and even what we pass on to kids? When we are living in a prolonged state of stress it can become our baseline. Maybe we always feel rushed. Or on edge. This not only impacts our mental health, it impacts our physical health as well. And that of our children. Our brains are powerful. And learning how to hone the power of our brains can allow us to change our world (including our pregnancies, births, recoveries, and even the stress response of our kids). Yet too often we may feel like our brains are working against us. Navigating stress can be difficult, especially when we have negative coping mechanisms that we can’t seem to take control of. We yell, freak out, or sometimes we [read more...]

Website: The Mind Body Birth

Postpartum planning: What you need to know, with Amanda Gorman

Ep9: Postpartum Planning: What you need to know

with Amanda Gorman 7/8/2022

On this episode we speak to Amanda Gorman all about postpartum planning. While getting ready for a baby, oftentimes we miss one of the most important pieces of postpartum; planning for the 4th trimester. That immediate recovery time can be intense and incredibly overwhelming, especially if we aren’t ready for it. Having to care for a newborn baby within a day is a huge transition for many. We spend a good deal of time getting ready for birth, and that’s important too. However, not preparing adequately for postpartum is akin to preparing for the wedding, but not the marriage. The wedding is very important, don’t get me wrong. But without preparing for the marriage, there is likely to be more struggle. We must take the time and the forethought to get ourselves ready for the big transition into caring for a tiny human while also recoveri [read more...]

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Brooke Patmore (they/them), childbirth educator and full-spectrum birth worker

Ep8: Fatphobia in Maternity Care

with Brooke Patmor 6/17/2022

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that allows for fatphobia. Where mocking larger bodies is socially acceptable. A culture that glorifies a certain body type as the epitome of “health.” This has created a lot of issues in maternal health care, and healthcare as a whole. This also makes those living in larger bodies feel as if their size correlates to their health. This causes internalized fatphobia, thinking that all their ailments are due to their size. “Just lose weight,” they are often told. The weight stigma in the medical system often shames larger bodied folks into not receiving the care they really need. Brooke discusses how fatphobia affects not only larger people, but all of us in some way or the other. A lot of people constantly live under the stress of gaining weight and often may resort to fad diets to fit in, causin [read more...]

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Headshot of doula, Lindsay McCoy

Ep7: Doula Support: Going beyond comfort measures

with Lindsay McCoy 05/13/2022

Join me, Lindsay McCoy as I hit “record” and jam out on all things professional birth support, including doula support during birth. There is a revolution in birth support. While holding the space and offering sips of water and a cool cloth is really important, there’s also so much more a doula can be doing! In this episode, I talk about the role of a doula and their impact on the client’s birth experience, and what it really looks like to support birth physiology as a doula. I believe we can do more than just randomly using comfort measures. If a doula knows the biomechanics of labor and birth; the science of what to do when in labor and the “whys” of it, they can really make a difference in the client’s birth experience! What do clients really need in a doula? Our job is to help the clients protect their space, help them [read more...]

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Jacoby Ballard - Transgender pregnancy and birth

Ep6: LGBTQ+ Healthcare: Transgender Pregnancy and Birth

with Jacoby Ballard 04/08/2022

On this episode we speak with Jacoby Ballard on LGBTQ+ healthcare and transgender pregnancy and birth. What does it mean to be transgender or non-binary? And what would it be like to go through pregnancy, birth and recovery being transgender male or non-binary? We dive into the real-lived experience of pregnancy, birth, and recovery while trans or non-binary with the incredible Jacoby. He opens up about his own experiences. He shares about his work in the perinatal space as a prenatal yoga instructor. As birth professionals, it is our job to support our clients and patients through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and recovery. Jacoby talks about the vocabulary of inclusivity in the perinatal space. He also discusses options to self-educate about working with queer expecting parents. We also discuss about creating a safe space [read more...]

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Munira Hudani-Diastasis Recti Treatment

Ep5: The evolution of Diastasis Recti treatment

with Munira Hudani 03/04/2022

On today's episode, Munira Hudani joins us to talk about the evolution of diastasis recti treatment. Our understanding of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and evidence based treatment approaches has been evolving throughout the years. The pendulum has swung from the days of wrapping a towel around the midsection and crunching to avoiding movement altogether in fear of making things worse to where we are at today: a more holistic diastasis recti treatment approach. Munira Hudani is a game changing diastasis rehab physio that is leading the charge in this more holistic understanding of how to approach diastasis recti. Join us and hear from Munia Hudani about how treatment protocols have progressed through the years and take a look at the most up to date approach to diastasis recti treatment. [read more...]

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Dr.Carol Phillips, headshot, Dynamic Body Balancing

Ep4: Dynamic Body Balance: The story behind your favorite birth techniques

with Dr. Carol Phillips 02/04/2022

Have you ever wondered the origin of some of your favorite prenatal and birth balancing techniques such as the forward leaning inversion and the side lying release? Join us in this informative episode as we meet the amazing Dr. Carol Phillips, a chiropractic doctor and craniosacral therapist who shares how she discovered these effective techniques that have become so well loved and used in prenatal care and birth support amongst those who understand the importance of balance for birth efficiency. Carol also educates us on what it means to have a body in balance and what it looks like when the body comes out of balance. She also touches on what we can do to achieve a balanced body for overall wellness as well as a more comfortable pregnancy and more efficient birthing process. [read more...]

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Black and white headshot of Rhonda Fellows

Ep3: The Doula Profession: What you need to know

with Rhonda Fellows 1/07/2022

Being a doula is an incredible job. We witness the amazingness that is pregnancy and birth, but it’s also a job with a high burnout rate because of how demanding and unsustainable it often is. Today we bring on the amazing doula and doula trainer, Rhonda Fellows, to discuss sustainability of the profession, what we believe doulas should know, scope of practice, and how to have a collaborative relationship with providers and hospitals. If we are going to impact real change, we need sustainability and proper education. Moreover, we need to build relationships with the hospitals and providers our clients are going to. Rhonda has been leading the charge in collaborative relationships in her local birth community and we believe this is something that every birth community should strive for! [read more...]

Website: Oilydoulamn

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Headshot of Erin Stertz Follett

Ep2: How to support a hypno-birther

with Erin Stertz Follett 12/03/2021

Did you know that hypnosis is a normal state that you’ve been in before? That hypnosis for childbirth is really about honing the power of our brain to support a more comfortable birth experience? Yet there are many myths out there about what hypnosis for childbirth really is, especially amongst birth professionals. If someone is planning to use hypnosis for birth, it’s really ideal that their birth team “gets it.” Too often, an unsupportive birth professional can derail someone’s plan. Join Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing instructor, Erin Stertz-Follett and I as we discuss how to best support families using hypnosis for birth. From what to do if someone is having a difficult time, to what not to do during hypnobirths. Learning the power of our brains and our client’s brains can also help us support all types of birthers better. [read more...]

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Hayley Kava, headshot

Ep1: Early Recovery: How to support the first 6 weeks postpartum

with Hayley Kava 11/05/2021

Current guidance for what to do after having a baby is abysmal. We are maybe told to “take it easy” and possibly “do some kegels” but that is really about it. Then the 6 week postnatal visit comes around and BAM! Cleared for all exercise. Is this really the best way to support a body that has just gone through the amazing and intense transformation that is pregnancy? A body that then gave birth- whether vaginally or via cesarean birth? Pelvic Physical Therapist Hayley Kava comes on to jam with me on all things the first 6 weeks postpartum and how to safely progress your body back to the things you love! [read more...]

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Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep28: Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 4/16/2021

Do you or your client have pain in their pubic bone, tailbone, or SI Joint? Pelvic pain is extremely common during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it’s always just ‘par the course.’ In today’s episode, Lauren and Lindsay explore the topic of pelvic pain during pregnancy including possible contributors and ways to prevent, minimize, or even eliminate pelvic girdle pain.

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Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep27: Optimal Fetal Positioning

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 3/19/2021

Optimal fetal positioning is the idea that there are positions that the baby can find in utero that are easier (and more difficult) for the labor process. Should you worry about your baby’s position? When should you worry? And what can you actually do? In this episode Lindsay discusses hyper-vigilance, how to stop putting out fires at the birth, and how we can stack the cards for a boring, straightforward birth!

Website: One Strong Mama

Instagram: @bodyreadymethod

Birth Kweens

Ep26: Informed Consent

with the Birth Kweens 3/05/2021

What is informed consent, really? Is saying “I am going to check your cervix now” informed consent? How about “Let me know when you’re ready for me to check your cervix”? And what is a doula, birth partner, or birthing person to do when they are not receiving proper informed consent? How do we even know? The Birth Kweens are Karly, a midwife and Ali, A doula and they join us today to really delve deep into this important topic from all angles. The provider angle, the doula angle, and the birthing person angle. Everyone who plans to be in a birthing room at any time in their life should listen to this episode. Karly and Ali had so many important tidbits to share, yet they do so in a fun, upbeat and sometimes hilarious way. [read more...]

Website: Birth Kweens

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Parijat Deshpande

Ep25: High Risk Pregnancy

with Parijat Deshpande 2/19/2021

It feels big and scary to be facing pregnancy complications or to have the “high risk” label attached to your pregnancy. It can also be scary to think about having another pregnancy after a previously traumatic pregnancy or birth. Parijat is the leading expert on high risk pregnancy and takes a unique neurobiological approach to helping pregnant people reduce their complications, risk of preterm birth, and reclaim and sense of safety and trust in their bodies that they thought had been eroded forever. Sure, there’s a lot outside our control. But Parijat helps us to take control of the controllables. Whether you are a birth professional or an expecting person, learn the keys to reducing risk of complications in pregnancy and birth. [read more...]

Website: Parijat Deshpande

Instagram: @healthy.highriskpregnancy

Lily Nichols on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep24: Gestational Diabetes: Evidence Based Nutrition

with Lily Nichols 2/05/2021

What to eat/not eat during pregnancy can already feel confusing and overwhelming. Add a gestational diabetes diagnosis to the mix and it can feel next to impossible. Lily Nicols is one of the top experts and researchers in this area and breaks it down and makes it doable. She is a breath of fresh air and you will not want to miss this informative and super digestible episode!

Website: Lily Nichols RDN

Instagram: @lilynicholsrdn

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep23: The Prenatal Core: What you really need to know

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 1/22/2021

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the prenatal core. Thanks to social media, this topic is definitely trending. However, with this can come a lot of bad information and false promises. What should you do/not do? Can you really prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation)? What is the core’s role during childbirth? Lauren and Lindsay deep dive into this topic, cut through the noise and BS and get straight to what you need to know about the prenatal core.

Website: One Strong Mama

Instagram: One Strong Mama Community

Olivia Scobie

Ep22: The Anxious Brain: strategies for parents

with Olivia Scobie 1/08/2021

Anxiety is a nasty B. A huge percentage of new parents right now are anxious. Growing and parenting a human being adds a whole new level of stress that we must learn healthy strategies to manage our anxious brains. Add in a global pandemic and the current political climate and it’s no wonder a lot of us are struggling and feeling like we’re in survival mode! Today we are speaking with Olivia Scobie who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and parental mental health.

Website: Olivia Scobie

Facebook: Olivia Scobie