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One Strong Mama Podcast Season 2
coming fall 2021!

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One Strong Mama Podcast Season 2 coming 2021!

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep28: Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy.

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 4/16/2021

Do you or your client have pain in their pubic bone, tailbone, or SI Joint? Pelvic pain is extremely common during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it’s always just ‘par the course.’ In today’s episode, Lauren and Lindsay explore the topic of pelvic pain during pregnancy including possible contributors and ways to prevent, minimize, or even eliminate pelvic girdle pain.
Website: One Strong Mama
Instagram: @onestrongmamaprenatal

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep27: Optimal Fetal Positioning

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 3/19/2021

Optimal fetal positioning is the idea that there are positions that the baby can find in utero that are easier (and more difficult) for the labor process. Should you worry about your baby’s position? When should you worry? And what can you actually do? In this episode Lindsay discusses hyper-vigilance, how to stop putting out fires at the birth, and how we can stack the cards for a boring, straightforward birth!
Website: One Strong Mama
Instagram: @onestrongmamaprenatal

Birth Kweens on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep26: Informed Consent

with Birth Kweens 3/05/2021

What is informed consent, really? Is saying “I am going to check your cervix now” informed consent? How about “Let me know when you’re ready for me to check your cervix”? And what is a doula, birth partner, or birthing person to do when they are not receiving proper informed consent? How do we even know? The Birth Kweens are Karly, a midwife and Ali, A doula and they join us today to really delve deep into this important topic from all angles. The provider angle, the doula angle, and the birthing person angle. Everyone who plans to be in a birthing room at any time in their life should listen to this episode. Karly and Ali had so many important tidbits to share, yet they do so in a fun, upbeat and sometimes hilarious way.
Website: Birth Kweens
Instagram: @birthkweens

Parijat Deshpande on the One Strong Mama podcast

Ep25: High Risk Pregnancy

with Parijat Deshpande 2/19/2021

It feels big and scary to be facing pregnancy complications or to have the “high risk” label attached to your pregnancy. It can also be scary to think about having another pregnancy after a previously traumatic pregnancy or birth. Parijat is the leading expert on high risk pregnancy and takes a unique neurobiological approach to helping pregnant people reduce their complications, risk of preterm birth, and reclaim and sense of safety and trust in their bodies that they thought had been eroded forever. Sure, there’s a lot outside our control. But Parijat helps us to take control of the controllables. Whether you are a birth professional or an expecting person, learn the keys to reducing risk of complications in pregnancy and birth.
Website: Parijat Deshpande
Instagram: @healthy.highriskpregnancy

Lily Nichols on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep24: Gestational Diabetes: Evidence Based Nutrition

with Lily Nichols 2/05/2021

What to eat/not eat during pregnancy can already feel confusing and overwhelming. Add a gestational diabetes diagnosis to the mix and it can feel next to impossible. Lily Nicols is one of the top experts and researchers in this area and breaks it down and makes it doable. She is a breath of fresh air and you will not want to miss this informative and super digestible episode!
Website: Lily Nichols RDN
Instagram: @lilynicholsrdn
Other resources: Folate: Why It's Superior to Folic Acid for Pregnancy , 9 Gestational Diabetes Myths

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep23: The Prenatal Core: What you really need to know

with Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon 1/22/2021

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the prenatal core. Thanks to social media, this topic is definitely trending. However, with this can come a lot of bad information and false promises. What should you do/not do? Can you really prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation)? What is the core’s role during childbirth? Lauren and Lindsay deep dive into this topic, cut through the noise and BS and get straight to what you need to know about the prenatal core.
Website: One Strong Mama
Facebook: One Strong Mama Community
Other resources: Abdominal tuck and lift reel , What belly shape has to do with birth reel , Strong Core Helps Childbirth article

Ep22: The Anxious Brain: strategies for parents

with Olivia Scobie 1/08/2021

Anxiety is a nasty B. A huge percentage of new parents right now are anxious. Growing and parenting a human being adds a whole new level of stress that we must learn healthy strategies to manage our anxious brains. Add in a global pandemic and the current political climate and it’s no wonder a lot of us are struggling and feeling like we’re in survival mode! Today we are speaking with Olivia Scobie who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and parental mental health.
Website: Olivia Scobie
Facebook: Olivia Scobie
Other resources: Impossible Parenting by Olivia Scobie , Perinatal Mental Health Online Training

Dr. Shannon Clark on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep21: Babies after 35

with Dr. Shannon Clark 12/18/2020

Many people are choosing to start their families later in life and are confused and unsure when they learn that after the age of 35 they are considered “advanced maternal age.” Is this something they should be worried about? And what should someone over the age of 35 be aware of when choosing to grow their family? Dr Shannon Clark is an OBGYN, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist and also became a mother for the first time to twins at the age of 43. As such, she has taken a special interest in this topic and runs the popular “Babiesafter35” Instagram page. Dr Clark has a no BS way of sharing this information and provides a lot of useful information that birth professionals and those planning to start growing their family after 35 will not want to miss!
Website: Babies after 35
Instagram: @babiesafter35

Landon Yakovleva on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep20: Craniosacral Therapy for pregnancy, birth and beyond

with Landon Yakovleva 12/04/2020

Today we are joined by Landon Yakovleva, who is a birth doula and craniosacral therapist (CST). We discuss when and why CST may be indicated and how it works. If you’re curious about this type of work, you’ll definitely want to take a listen! We also discuss Landon’s own pregnancy and how she, as a doula herself, is preparing herself for her 2nd birth and the unique challenges of being a pregnant birthworker.
Website: Have Heart Doula
Instagram: @haveheartdoula

The Womb Doula on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep19: Womb Care

with Mayte Noguez 11/13/2020

Mayte the Womb Doula is a traditional Sobadora, who was taught by her Abuelitas beginning at the age of 5 and mentored until she was given the blessing to serve on her own, she has been doing so for 19 years. This knowledge lives in her lineage and was passed to her directly. She now cares for others in Dallas,Texas at a local community centered wellness center called, Our Wellness Community. In today’s episode we learn all about the traditional practice of Sobada. Which is a practice that aligns abdominal organs to stimulate overall health and especially that of the womb. The stimulation balances the uterus, bladder and ovaries. It allows diaphragmatic release and aids in digestion and improves pelvic floor stability. Many clients seek Mayte’s care for the amazing results in fertility, scar tissue reduction, or special conditions such as fibroids, cysts, hormonal imbalances or painful menstruation amongst others. Listen to this episode to learn more about this amazing practice and what it might be beneficial for.
Website: Our Wellness Community
Instagram: @maytethewombdoula

Alicia Patterson on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep18: Psychosomatic Approach to Pelvic Healing

with Alicia Patterson 10/30/2020

Healing from pelvic pain and dysfunction can be complex and multifaceted. A piece of the puzzle that is often left out is what is going on in the brain. Alicia Patterson deep dives into her psychosomatic approach to pelvic health. The science is clear- our mind and our body is connected so we must address both. She discusses the idea of “body armour” and how the emotions can show up in our tissues and how we can reconnect to our bodies in order to find healing and vitality. The journey to vitality walks us through shame, fear, and other emotions that most of us want to shove deep down and not deal with, yet that journey through the difficult emotions can bring us into that space of wellness and vitality.
Website: Alicia Patterson
Instagram: @innerpoweralicia
Show Notes: Headache in the Pelvis by David Wise, Rodney Anderson

Ep17: The Enneagram of Pregnancy+Birth with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober 10/16/2020

The Enneagram is an amazing personality tool that can be used to help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with others. It is also an excellent personal development tool. In this episode, we talk to Enneagram expert, Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober, who deep dives into how each Enneagram type may handle the experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. We also talk about how helpful the Enneagram is for the birthworker- both knowing their own type and knowing their clients types. This episode may help you break away from limiting behaviors and allow your best version of yourself shine through your pregnancy and birth journey.
Website: Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober
Facebook: Enneagram Ashton
Instagram: @enneagramashton

Ep16: Know your pelvic floor, own your birth + beyond

with Allyson Loupe 10/02/2020

During pregnancy, it is important to understand what is going on with the pelvic floor. Maybe it has too much tension or perhaps it has not enough. Understanding what is going on can help prepare for less discomfort and pelvic symptoms during pregnancy. It is also important to understand how the pelvic floor can effect the birthing process. We are joined by pelvic PT, Ally Loupe, who talks about how to best prepare the pelvic floor for pregnancy+birth. We also hear about her experience during her first pregnancy of hooking her own pelvic floor up to sEMG and getting in every possible birth position to see where her pelvic floor was at most rest. She ended up giving birth in that very position and birth without a tear. So many important nuggets of wisdom in this episode on the prenatal pelvic floor.
Facebook: Ally Loupe
Instagram: @lakeareatherapyservices

Deb Flashenberg on the One Strong Mama podcast

Ep15: Prenatal yoga and preparation- Myths and more

with Deb Flashenberg 9/18/2020

This week we chatted with Deb Flashenberg about all things prenatal yoga! As two certified yoga teachers, it is always fun to riff with another teacher. There are so many amazing myths around what you can and cannot do as a pregnant person and we take a good stab at breaking down some of those stories. Should a pregnant person twist? How do we find a “middle path” for our clients when it comes to prenatal preparation? All this and more in this episode!
Website: The Prenatal Yoga Center
Instagram: @prenatalyogacenter

Adrienne Caldwell on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep14: The Pregnant Body: Bodywork and structural analysis for pregnancy and postpartum

with Adrienne Caldwell 9/04/2020

In today’s episode we jam on all things related to the pregnant/postpartum body with one of our favorite prenatal bodyworkers, Adrienne Caldwell. She thoroughly understands the pregnant body, baby positioning, and how to create an ideal environment in the body for a more comfortable pregnancy, efficient birth, and smooth recovery. We discuss everything from glutes that don’t fire to the relationship between oblique tension and abdominal separation. Adrienne takes a detour from traditional massage - fostering relaxation - instead she practices an integrated bodywork that includes structural analysis, movement training and alignment habits. She creates the intersection between bodywork and movement that is so needed in prenatal care. You don’t want to miss this insightful episode!
Website: Adrienne Caldwell
Facebook: Adrienne Caldwell Massage Therapy

Melina Palmer on the One Strong Mama Podcast

Ep13: Supercharge your message and drive more sales

with Melina Palmer 8/21/2020

Why do people say one thing and do another? What drives “sales” behavior? How do we get people to want to work with us? Melina Palmer of the Brainy Business Podcast uses behavioral economics (the study and science of why people buy- or not) to help us learn how to make our businesses more ‘brain friendly.’ She provides actionable tips on how to create a message that actually lands for your audience. We also discuss the most brainy way to frame your offerings, pricing strategies, and so much more! Subtle brainy shifts can make a profound impact on attracting more clients and helping those clients to take action. Work smarter, not harder, by learning how to incorporate key behavioral economics strategies into your business!
Website: The Brainy Business
Instagram: @thebrainybiz

Ep12: Cesarean Recovery

with Amanda Fischer 8/07/2020

Today’s episode is all about cesarean recovery. Maternity care has some blindspots when considering cesarean recovery + rehab protocol. With many other surgeries that are as serious as a cesarean, people are given clear rehab instructions and guidelines. However, with cesareans, very little guidance is given and most new parents are left to seek out resources on their own. In this episode, we take a deep dive into all things cesarean recovery and return to fitness with doctor of Physical Therapy and cesarean mom of 3, Amanda Fischer of Empower your Pelvis. She discusses special considerations for cesarean recovery, the “cesareans save your vagina” myth, and gives us tangible tips on how to support our clients in their cesarean recovery and return to fitness journey.
Website: Empower Your Pelvis
Instagram: @empower.your.pelvis

Ep11: Navigating Birth Choices: What's the birth worker's role?

with Liz Hochman 7/24/2020

What do you do when your client says they want one thing, but the choices they are making are not in alignment with that? This is a common, yet tricky situation to navigate as a birthworker. On one hand, you don’t want to disempower a client by telling them what to do. On the other hand, it’s our job to help our client’s work towards the birth they want- whatever that may be. Liz Hochman of BirthEd has an absolutely genius way of helping clients figure out what they want in a way that both empowers the client and also prepares them for discovering what it is they really want for their birth. We had a great discussion about the alignment of values between the provider and birth place choice and the client’s personal values as a medical consumer. She is a masterful doula and childbirth educator and she shares her secrets with us in today’s episode.
Website: birthED
Instagram: @birthedmn

liesel teen from mommy labor nurse on the one strong mama podcast

Ep10: Instagram: How to make it work for you and your business

with Liesel Teen 07/10/2020

It's all about the 'gram these days! It's no secret that social media presence is very important to business. Yet it can be frustrating, overwhelming and it sometimes feels like you're talking to no one. If you are wondering how to up level your Instagram strategy, this episode is for you. We are joined by Labor and Delivery nurse and Instagram maven, Liesel Teen. Liesel runs the popular "Mommy Labor Nurse" Instagram page and has amassed a following of 289K followers. She pulls back the curtain and reveals the secrets to her success and gives us tangible advice on how to use Instagram to gain followers, attention and reach more people!
Website: Mommy Labor Nurse
Instagram: @mommy.labornurse