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Ep6: Creating a wildly successful online offering with Lynn Schulte

Ep6: Creating a wildly successful online offering with Lynn Schulte

by Lindsay & Lauren 5/29/2020

How, why, when and what of getting your business online. Adapting is essential, especially with no concrete "end" in sight but it is also daunting and not always so cut and dry. Our guest, Lynn Schulte, is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist who found a way to very successfully take her hands on work and knowledge into the online space. She shares with us how to adapt your business, reasons why your offerings might not be selling and tips for creating unique and in demand offerings.
Website: Institute for Birth Healing
Instagram: @instituteforbirthhealing

Ep5: What is diet culture? Real talk meets societal norms with Jennifer Campbell

by Lindsay & Lauren 5/15/2020

It is no secret that our society has issues when it comes to food, dieting, and body shame. Today we talk to Jennifer Campbell of Balance365 Life, who shares her own story with disordered eating and helps us really understand the toxicity of diet culture. We talk about everything from weight loss, fat shaming and tummy tucks to how to love our bodies and help our clients do the same in this revealing and counter cultural episode that may just change the way you look at food, diets, and your body.
Website: Balance 365 Life
Instagram: @balance365life
Podcast: Balance 365 Life Radio

Ep4: Demystifying Pelvic Floor Care with Pelvic Floor Therapist Lindsey Vestal

by Lindsay & Lauren 5/1/2020

What’s the deal with kegels? Are squats better? What should we really be recommending to our prenatal and postnatal clients? It is no secret that there is a lot of misinformation out there about pelvic floor health. Join us as we talk to the amazing Lindsey Vestal who not only drops major knowledge bombs, but also gives us tangible assessment tools that we can use with our clients right away.
Website: The Functional Pelvis
Instagram: @functionalpelvis

Ep3: How to get your sexy back with sexpert Dana Myers

Ep3: How to get your sexy back with sexpert Dana Myers

by Lindsay & Lauren 04/17/2020

Satisfaction, kids, partnership, resentment. In today’s episode, we speak to sexpert Dana Myers about these super important, often taboo topics. How should a practitioner discuss sex with their client? Can marriage sex life really be exciting and amazing? Find out, listen now.
Website: Dana Myers
Instagram: @danamyersxoxo

episode 2 with agnes kowalski

Ep2: Create a sustainable, profitable business with Agnes Kowalski

by Lindsay & Lauren 4/10/2020

How can I make money doing work that fulfills me? Why is it so awkward asking for money? How can we feel fulfilled and happy with our work, serve others well, and make the money we want? Longtime money mindset coach and therapist, Agnes Kowalski teaches us key mindset shifts that we need to make to truly thrive as business owners. There is a high burnout rate in birth work and many find that it is not sustainable. Agnes teaches us why that may be and what to do to create both prosperity and fulfillment with actionable steps you can start working on today.  
Website: Agnes Kowalksi
Instagram: @agneskowalski

Ep1: Virtual Birth Support in the time of COVID19 with Jada Sapiro

by Lindsay & Lauren 4/3/2020

How can we support our clients if we are not allowed in the birth room? Join us for this timely episode with one of NYC’s top doula trainers, Jada Shapiro, where we discuss what it looks like to support an expectant family during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode will help you long after the crisis has ended, as Jada gets deep on the what and how of virtual support. This is something that can help you serve expectant families all over the world for years to come.  
Website: Boober, Birth Day Presence
Instagram: @getboober, @birthdaypresence