Pregnancy aches and pains
are NO joke!

  • Hip pain?
  • Lower back pain?
  • Shoulder + upper body pain?
  • Round ligament pain + lower belly pain?

OSM is designed for the pregnant body

Just when it feels like you’re done with one pregnancy ache, a new one begins to creep up. Sore nipples gone? Say hello to persistent back pain! 

Growing that beautiful bump really takes a lot, but there are ways to feel comfortable and in control of your pregnancy.

At OSM, we believe that with the right exercise and daily movement modifications, you can minimize pregnancy aches and pains almost instantly.

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Get your "Body Ready" and stack the cards in your favor

OSM can help you find relief from common pregnancy discomforts such as

  • Hip pain 
  • Lower back pain 
  • Shoulder + upper body pain 
  • Round ligament pain + lower belly pain 

Not only can OSM relieve common aches and pains, it also prepares your body for a smoother birth and more efficient postpartum recovery. And, did we mention exercising can also have a huge impact on your mood and sleep during pregnancy? 

Working out with OSM helps you be “Body Ready” – it’s 1 thing you can do that addresses at least 5 things – discomfort, smoother birth, efficient postpartum recovery, improving your mood and impacting your sleep! 

You are not alone:

“This program made my pregnancy more comfortable, worry free, and prepared me for birth more than  I could’ve ever asked.”

“I was sore my first trimester, and improved my pain and mobility immensely within weeks of starting this program and some gentle walking.”

To achieve a more comfortable pregnancy, we target 5 key areas in our workouts:

  • Upper body mobility  𑁋 to release tension and for better posture and core function (it’s all connected!)
  • Core  𑁋 for abdominal strength and bump support, minimizing poor core support that can lead to excessive abdominal separation 
  • Pelvic floor  𑁋 to have a strong but flexible pelvic floor- important for birth and beyond!
  • Pelvis + hips  𑁋 to open up the hips just the right amount without increasing discomfort
  • Movement patterns  𑁋 for better posture and alignment to minimize pains and prepare you for a more efficient birth and recovery.

We could go on and on about the benefits of exercise and how awesome OSM is (we might be a little biased!) but we really want you to experience it for yourself. That’s why we are offering you a OSM workout, straight out of our program, completely FREE! 

Go ahead. Give it a try!