brm success stories

Now very much enjoying the postpartum part of the program and avoiding some of the very painful neck and upper back muscle spasms I remember with my first hunching over breastfeeding and looking down at the baby so much. I haven't had to bust out my neck/shoulder heating pad once so far that I purchased my last postpartum period.

I can't say enough good things about this program. Spending a small amount of time a few days a week to focus on pregnancy, prepping for birth and postpartum completely changed my experience, feeling so much more prepared and has made my postpartum recovery a million times better - both physically and mentally. Thank you BRM®!”

– Shannon Ashely Tulk

“I truly believe this program helped me to have an unmedicated, fast delivery (16 minutes of pushing), with zero complications as a first time mom delivering a 10 lb 6 oz baby! I felt completely prepared both physically and mentally.” 

– Alina Lowenberger
brm success stories
brm success stories
“I’m really liking the clear programming and cues in Body Ready Postpartum. No one talks about how to SPECIFICALLY move and what to do to support yourself… so much pressure to “snap back” instead of moving forward into a new connection with your healthy, healing body! I’m so grateful to you all!” 

– Stephanie Beatriz

Want to share your own BRM® success story and
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Want to share your own BRM® success story and
be featured on our page?

BRM® was critical on every step. I didn't know where in the pelvis baby was so I did both a tucking plus asymmetric swaying kind of thing with my hips. It worked very well because it got me to transition very fast. When I was pushing on my side they kept externally rotating my knees and I was like "Nooooo feet out!!" I ended up having him on hands and knees and worked very well. Thank you so much everyone for all the encouragement, and thanks Lindsay and Lauren for creating a program that kept me pain free for 40 weeks and empowered me to have the birth I knew my body needed.”

– Concha Romero
brm success stories
“Gave birth to my first baby (a big 9lb 1oz boy!) at 41+1 weeks! I started doing BRM® in the middle of my pregnancy, and by the third trimester I was doing classes everyday (sometimes even twice a day!). I gave birth on hands and knees in the half squat position (with one foot up), which was one of my favorite stretch positions in BRM®. Doing hip circles on a birth ball also helped me transition from pre-labor into active labor (and helped me manage the pain more than anything else). Thanks BRM®!” 

– Liz Louise
liz louise

victorious. She was my 2nd VBAC, my water broke as I pushed her out (I swear I pushed less than 10 times) and I was left without a tear. I credit the OSM program, as well as some of your podcast episodes and guests (as well as the obligatory mention to Ina May Gaskin) for helping me feel more prepared, more in control and more informed than ever before. I felt like I was working with my baby as I chanted “dowwwwwwwn” during some of my strongest rushes. I felt like I could envision where she was and what she needed as my labor progressed. It was such an empowering experience. I’m slowly working through the early postpartum weeks videos and figuring out how to make time for them because I’m sold on what the program offered me during pregnancy. I’m convinced that what will be offered postpartum will continue to be just what I need. Thank you so much for nerding out on pregnancy and birth, for the Instagram posts and for the creation of this program. It was truly a game changer this time around and helped me ease the fear as I felt birth approaching. Thank you for this year of building strength and confidence and for reminding me of my power. I am able to spend the holidays basking in gratitude while holding my 2-week old baby who’s been named after three beautiful holiday themes: love, hope and peace”

– Jessica Thomson
This time around I was very intentional in my preparation for birth, and that included following BRM® to get my body ready and doing extensive body work to give baby space to settle into my pelvis and rotate during birth. I ended up having a 2 hour unmedicated VBAC with a baby almost exactly the same size as my cesarean baby. This was the birth I had dreamed of and I am so grateful I got to experience it. Thank you Lindsay and Lauren for putting together the BRM® program which I believe was an integral part of the amazing birth I just had!”
– Livia Yanez
“I just wanted to say thank you for your program! It is because of the program I was able to have a vbac with no pain meds due to all the breathing and classes you provided! I cannot thank you enough and how much more confident I went going into my birth and even delivered a 9 lb baby. ”  

– Kathleen Zimmerman

After a while I wanted to make more progress and turned on all four, which was very efficient. I rested in child's pose and on my knees while opening the pelvis opening my legs. I wasn't allowed much movement because of the CTG belt (which was mandatory because of 3 weeks too early before my due date), but because of BRM® birthing positions I felt I had more options to move despite the restrictions. I found my ways within the frames I was given. I remembered one position from a BRM® video, where Lindsay says "this is also a great position to push a baby out in" (or something similar). One knee in the mattress, and the other knee bent and me leaning on to it. Two-three pushes, and the baby was born! The birth went really well, although it was very different from what I had wished beforehand. I managed to be open minded and focusing on the birth work.

Thank you for this program!!”

– Merethe Eidstø

Tania Lown
My birth was also a lot easier and I pushed for 14 minutes (compared to 4 hours with my first), which may be just the difference between first and second labors but was great nevertheless. Anyway I’m looking forward to doing more of the program postpartum as I recover and just wanted to share that it was so worth it for me and such a good investment in my health and well being during this time.”
– Tania Lown-Hecht
Feeling so grateful I started this midway through my pregnancy journey and looking forward to starting the postpartum work in the days to come.”
– Jess Burke
Katie Lind
I’m continuing to use the program and still loving it. The workouts are the perfect length for busy moms, and they are such a relaxing break from the rest of the day. There is so much valuable information in this program, and I only wish every mom had it! Thanks Lindsay and Lauren! “
– Katie Lind
I have previously been in both pelvic floor physical therapy and hand physical therapy, and BRM® really targeted those areas in constructive ways. The postpartum workouts helped me to connect with my body after birth, too. I felt strong and healthy all through pregnancy and had a very smooth, natural birth and recovery experience. (I'm currently 6 weeks postpartum.) I highly recommend BRM®!”

– Amy Matthews

BRM® helped me achieve the comfortable natural childbirth experience I wanted, and also gave me the tools to recover safely. As an Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher, I love how the focus is on healing from the inside out and functional movement.”
– Kinzie Eckstein