Body Ready Method

Comprehensive Training Prenatal & Birth Professionals

Support your clients during pregnancy to optimize birth

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Body Ready Method Body Ready Method

Comprehensive Training For Prenatal and Birth Professionals

Support your clients during pregnancy to optimize birth

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Accessible knowledge and straightforward tools to empower you even more in knowing “what to do when” with the pregnant people who trust you!

What's in the program?

  • Anatomy as it relates to pregnancy and birth.
  • How to direct the pregnant person to prep the body for birth during pregnancy.
  • Preventing or addressing the top Pregnancy symptoms like DR, SPD, and shortness of breath.
  • The tools that can decrease pushing time during labor.
  • How to move during pregnancy to optimize fetal positioning.
  • Positions to try to naturally progress labor, delaying or replacing the need for medical interventions.
    And more... much more!
"Hone your craft with a training that will enhance your ability to offer proactive care."

How does the Body Ready Method Training work?

The program will run for 5 months with 4 weeks
of planned breaks included in the schedule.

  • Weekly 2-hour live training sessions with Lindsay McCoy + faculty.
  • Replays for all sessions available for the duration of the training and beyond!
  • Live classes + asynchronous study guides and 60+ videos.
  • Quizzes to gauge progress and provide feedback.
  • Optional supportive peer learning groups.
  • 5 bonus lectures and we hope to add more!

Once you complete your certification, you are…

  • Eligible to be featured in our online directories so pregnant people can find you to work with (and we’ll add a badge to show your enhanced level of certification).
  • Provided with the new BRM logo to use on your websites + marketing materials.
  • Qualified for subsequent trainings and classes.
  • Eligible for discounts on future BRM events

Cohort 1, September 2021 training, is all sold out!

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