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Now accepting enrollment for the 2024 Cohort of the BRM® Professional Training

Pros Talk Pregnancy

Pros Talk Pregnancy

The NO BS show for professionals about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.

The NO BS show for professionals about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.

Kristen Hosaka on compound presentations on the Pros Talk Pregnancy Podcast
Kristen Hosaka
Ep. 27
Ep27: Birthing Wisdom: Deciphering Compound Presentations

What is a compound presentation and how can it make the birthing process potentially more challenging for both the one giving [more...]

BRM Podcast - Headshot creatives
Adriana Lozada
Ep. 26
Ep26: Demystifying the world of physiological pregnancy and birth

In this episode, Adriana Lozada of the Birthful podcast joins us to jam out on all things physiological pregnancy prep and bi [more...]

pelvic floor care with Hayley Kava
Hayley Kava
Ep. 25
Ep25: How to provide unique pelvic floor care, birth prep, and birth support for unique bodies

“There’s got to be more to it.” This is what physical therapist and PRI teacher Hayley Kava said to herself about pelvi [more...]

BRM Podcast - Headshot creative LV
Lindsey Vestal
Ep. 24
Ep24: Pelvic floor myths and mysteries unraveled

Today we are joined by Pelvic Health Occupational Therapist, Lindsey Vestal. We talk all things myths and mysteries of the pe [more...]

Denise Bolds on birth advocacy with Lindsay McCoy on Pros Talk Pregnancy.
Denise Bolds
Ep. 23
Ep23: Advocacy in the birthing room

In this episode we sit down and chat about birth advocacy, prenatal prep, postpartum healing and much more with experienced d [more...]

Ja'neen Jenkins Washington on the Pros Talk Pregnancy podcast
Ja'Neen Jenkins Washington
Ep. 22
Ep22: Stress & trauma during pregnancy: the role of the birth worker

Stress and trauma. We hear that we shouldn’t stress during pregnancy. That stress is bad for our health. But how can we tak [more...]

Lauren Ohayon of Restore Your Core on Pros Talk Pregnancy Podcast
Lauren Ohayon
Ep. 21
Ep21: The embodied approach to the body and movement

Today we chat with Lauren Ohayon, creator of Restore Your Core® and co-creator of Body Ready Method®! [more...]

Gail Tully of Spinning Babies on the Pros Talk Pregnancy Podcast with Lindsay McCoy
Gail Tully
Ep. 20
Ep20: Changing the perspective of physiological birth

If you’ve been around the birth world for any amount of time you have likely heard of Spinning Babies®. Today G [more...]

Evolution of birthwork with Adrienne Caldwell
Adrienne Caldwell
Ep. 19
Ep19: Evolution of birthwork and the power of working together

What happens when two longtime birth and body workers get together and hit record? Magic, I tell you! Listen in on a very can [more...]

Unplanned pregnancy, Lindsay McCoy talks fourth birth
Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Ep. 18
Ep18: Our fourth birth: Trauma, personal triumphs and finding community

My husband, Matt McCoy, joins me again to share all about our 4th (surprise!) birth. Our final birth story unravels as a comp [more...]

43+ weeks pregnant with lindsay and matt mccoy
Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Ep. 17
Ep17: Our third birth: 43+ weeks pregnant and on the news!

Yes! You read that right, 43+ weeks pregnant and, true story, a news crew capturing the whole experience for the local news! [more...]

Our second birth with Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Ep. 16
Ep16: Partner Ready: Birth partners need to prep, too!

In this episode we talk all about birth partner support with my husband, Matt McCoy! We often forget about how overwhelming t [more...]

Our second birth with Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Ep. 15
Ep15: Our second birth: How we achieved a profoundly different experience

On this episode Matt and I chat about our second birth. What a different experience it was! Have you ever had an experience t [more...]

43+ weeks pregnant with lindsay and matt mccoy
Lindsay and Matt McCoy
Ep. 14
Ep14: Origin Story: Our first birth experience with Lindsay & Matt McCoy

Join me and my amazing husband, Matt McCoy, as we recount the story of our first pregnancy and birth, from 2006/2007. Picture [more...]

Labor State Flow: Preparing the mind for birth
Lindsay McCoy
Ep. 13
Ep13: Labor Flow State: A birth-ready mindset

Have you ever heard of the flow state? Have you ever felt “in the zone?” That zone where you seem to have effortless mome [more...]

Ep12: Being too flexible during birth: How much is too much? With Monika Patel
Monika Patel
Ep. 12
Ep12: Being too flexible during birth: How much is too much?

Have you ever thought or heard that the best way to have an easier birth is to stretch a lot? Or that flexibility = better bi [more...]

Nikki Johnston on the Pros Talk Pregnancy Podcast
Nikki Johnston Beaudoin
Ep. 11
Ep11: Normalizing and navigating the twists and turns of becoming a parent

In this episode we talk about the twists and turns of becoming a parent with Nikki Johnston Beaudoin. Nikki is a Body Ready M [more...]

Ashley Makan
Ashley Makan
Ep. 10
Ep10: Navigating stress, trauma and the effects of epigenetics

Navigating stress. Trauma. Drama... We all deal with it in one way or another. How do our lived experiences and that of our a [more...]

Postpartum planning: What you need to know, with Amanda Gorman
Amanda Gorman
Ep. 9
Ep9: Postpartum Planning: What you need to know

On this episode we speak to Amanda Gorman all about postpartum planning. While getting ready for a baby, oftentimes we miss o [more...]

Brooke Patmore (they/them), childbirth educator and full-spectrum birth worker
Brooke Patmor
Ep. 8
Ep8: Fatphobia in Maternity Care

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that allows for fatphobia. Where mocking larger bodies is socially acceptable. A cultur [more...]

Headshot of doula, Lindsay McCoy
Lindsay McCoy
Ep. 7
Ep7: Doula Support: Going beyond comfort measures

Join me, Lindsay McCoy as I hit “record” and jam out on all things professional birth support, including doula support du [more...]

Jacoby Ballard - Transgender pregnancy and birth
Jacoby Ballard
Ep. 6
Ep6: LGBTQ+ Healthcare: Transgender Pregnancy and Birth

On this episode we speak with Jacoby Ballard on LGBTQ+ healthcare and transgender pregnancy and birth. What does it mean to b [more...]

Munira Hudani-Diastasis Recti Treatment
Munira Hudani
Ep. 5
Ep5: The evolution of Diastasis Recti treatment

On today's episode, Munira Hudani joins us to talk about the evolution of diastasis recti treatment. Our understanding of dia [more...]

Dr.Carol Phillips, headshot, Dynamic Body Balancing
Dr. Carol Phillips
Ep. 4
Ep4: Dynamic Body Balance: The story behind your favorite birth techniques

Have you ever wondered the origin of some of your favorite prenatal and birth balancing techniques such as the forward leanin [more...]

Black and white headshot of Rhonda Fellows
Rhonda Fellows
Ep. 3
Ep3: The Doula Profession: What you need to know

Being a doula is an incredible job. We witness the amazingness that is pregnancy and birth, but it’s also a job with a high [more...]

Headshot of Erin Stertz Follett
Erin Stertz Follett
Ep. 2
Ep2: How to support a hypno-birther

Did you know that hypnosis is a normal state that you’ve been in before? That hypnosis for childbirth is really about honin [more...]

pelvic floor care with Hayley Kava
Hayley Kava
Ep. 01
Ep1: Early Recovery: How to support the first 6 weeks postpartum

Current guidance for what to do after having a baby is abysmal. We are maybe told to “take it easy” and possibly “do so [more...]

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon
Ep. 28
Ep28: Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Do you or your client have pain in their pubic bone, tailbone, or SI Joint? Pelvic pain is extremely common during pregnancy, [more...]

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon
Ep. 27
Ep27: Optimal Fetal Positioning

Optimal fetal positioning is the idea that there are positions that the baby can find in utero that are easier (and more diff [more...]

Birth Kweens
the Birth Kweens
Ep. 26
Ep26: Informed Consent

What is informed consent, really? Is saying “I am going to check your cervix now” informed consent? How about “Let me k [more...]

Parijat Deshpande
Parijat Deshpande
Ep. 25
Ep25: High Risk Pregnancy

It feels big and scary to be facing pregnancy complications or to have the “high risk” label attached to your pregnancy. [more...]

Lily Nichols on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Lily Nichols
Ep. 24
Ep24: Gestational Diabetes: Evidence Based Nutrition

What to eat/not eat during pregnancy can already feel confusing and overwhelming. Add a gestational diabetes diagnosis to the [more...]

Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon
Ep. 21
Ep23: The Prenatal Core: What you really need to know

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the prenatal core. Thanks to social media, this topic is definitely trendin [more...]

Olivia Scobie
Olivia Scobie
Ep. 22
Ep22: The Anxious Brain: strategies for parents

Anxiety is a nasty B. A huge percentage of new parents right now are anxious. Growing and parenting a human being adds a whol [more...]

Dr. Shannon Clark on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Dr. Shannon Clark
Ep. 21
Ep21: Babies after 35

Many people are choosing to start their families later in life and are confused and unsure when they learn that after the age [more...]

Landon Yakovleva on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Landon Yakovleva
Ep. 20
Ep20: Craniosacral Therapy for pregnancy, birth and beyond

Today we are joined by Landon Yakovleva, who is a birth doula and craniosacral therapist (CST). We discuss when and why CST m [more...]

The Womb Doula on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Mayte Noguez
Ep. 19
Ep19: Womb Care

Mayte the Womb Doula is a traditional Sobadora, who was taught by her Abuelitas beginning at the age of 5 and mentored until [more...]

Alicia Patterson on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Alicia Patterson
Ep. 18
Ep18: Psychosomatic Approach to Pelvic Healing

Healing from pelvic pain and dysfunction can be complex and multifaceted. A piece of the puzzle that is often left out is wha [more...]

Ashton Whitmoyer Ober
Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober
Ep. 17
Ep17: The Enneagram of Pregnancy+Birth with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

The Enneagram is an amazing personality tool that can be used to help us better understand ourselves and our relationships wi [more...]

Allyson Loupe
Allyson Loupe
Ep. 16
Ep16: Know your pelvic floor, own your birth + beyond

During pregnancy, it is important to understand what is going on with the pelvic floor. Maybe it has too much tension or perh [more...]

Deb Flashenberg on the One Strong Mama podcast
Deb Flashenberg
Ep. 15
Ep15: Prenatal yoga and preparation- Myths and more

This week we chatted with Deb Flashenberg about all things prenatal yoga! As two certified yoga teachers, it is always fun to [more...]

Adrienne Caldwell on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Adrienne Caldwell
Ep. 14
Ep14: The Pregnant Body: Bodywork and structural analysis for pregnancy and postpartum

In today’s episode we jam on all things related to the pregnant/postpartum body with one of our favorite prenatal bodyworke [more...]

Melina Palmer
Melina Palmer
Ep. 13
Ep13: Supercharge your message and drive more sales

Why do people say one thing and do another? What drives “sales” behavior? How do we get people to want to work with us? M [more...]

Amanda Fischer
Amanda Fischer
Ep. 12
Ep12: Cesarean Recovery

Today’s episode is all about cesarean recovery. Maternity care has some blindspots when considering cesarean recovery + reh [more...]

Liz Hochman
Liz Hochman
Ep. 11
Ep11: Navigating Birth Choices: What's the birth worker's role?

What do you do when your client says they want one thing, but the choices they are making are not in alignment with that? Thi [more...]

liesel teen from mommy labor nurse on the one strong mama podcast
Liesel Teen
Ep. 10
Ep10: Instagram: How to make it work for you and your business

It's all about the 'gram these days! It's no secret that social media presence is very important to business. Yet it can be f [more...]

Meagan and Julie: The VBAC Link on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Meagan and Julie
Ep. 9
Ep9: How to support the VBAC family

It is a mistake to think that serving a client with a scar on their uterus is the same as serving a client without one. Today [more...]

Denise Bolds on the One Strong Mama Podcast
Denise Bolds
Ep. 8
Ep8: Racism in Maternity Care: The history, the lived experience and how to be a catalyst for change

Racism in maternity care is well documented and it is time that we all wake up. Doula extraordinaire, Denise Bolds MSW, CD (D [more...]

Ryann Kipping
Ep. 7
Ep7: Prenatal Nutrition: Myths, half truths and reality

There can be a lot of fear / myth around what to eat and not eat during pregnancy. In today’s episode we are joined by the [more...]

Ep6: Creating a wildly successful online offering with Lynn Schulte
Lynn Schulte
Ep. 6
Ep6: Creating a wildly successful online offering

How, why, when, and what of getting your business online. Adapting is essential, especially with no concrete "end" insight bu [more...]

Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Ep. 5
Ep5: What is diet culture? Real talk meets societal norms

It is no secret that our society has issues when it comes to food, dieting, and body shame. Today we talk to Jennifer Campbel [more...]

Lindsey Vestal
Lindsey Vestal
Ep. 4
Ep4: Demystifying Pelvic Floor Care

What’s the deal with kegels? Are squats better? What should we really be recommending to our prenatal and postnatal clients [more...]

Ep3: How to get your sexy back with sexpert Dana Myers
Dana Myers
Ep. 3
Ep3: How to get your sexy back

Satisfaction, kids, partnership, resentment. In today’s episode, we speak to sexpert Dana Myers about these super important [more...]

episode 2 with agnes kowalski
Agnes Kowalski
Ep. 2
Ep2: Create a sustainable, profitable business

How can I make money doing work that fulfills me? Why is it so awkward asking for money? How can we feel fulfilled and happy [more...]

Jada Shapiro
Jada Shapiro
Ep. 1
Ep1: Virtual Birth Support in the time of COVID 19

How can we support our clients if we are not allowed in the birth room? Join us for this timely episode with one of NYC’s t [more...]

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